Eviscerate; Cool Words Cool To Know

Letter E




  1. disembowel (a person or animal).
    “the goat had been skinned and neatly eviscerated”
    synonyms: disembowel, gut, draw, dress

    “the goat had been skinned and eviscerated”
    • deprive (something) of its essential content.
      “myriad little concessions that would eviscerate the project”
When I sat down a few minutes ago, it wasn’t my intention to write about “cool words” or reference old blogs about the same, but like an “out-of-body” experience, I was just as surprise to watch the words appear in front of me as my fingers tapped away.
Let’s face it, young or old, we all like cool words; “wicked cool” words are even better. Years ago in a blog we talked about one of the coolest words in the dictionary; defenestrate; https://zuludelta45.net/2013/04/04/defenestrate-coolest-word-in-the-dictionary/
Today we talk about eviscerate (maybe it’s a RATE thing?). Like it or not, here comes my “stream of consciousness.”
The other day, I read an article that loosely said ” The top 50 Movies you have to watch on Netflix.” One of the movies was 10 Things I Hate About You. This is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Taming Of The Shrew. 10 Things is way cooler and more interesting than I ever remember Shakespeare, but the crusty old English guy does get credit for the inspiration.  Although 10 Things is a high school “drama movie,” with all comedy, the sound track was excellent, the scenes of the Puget Sound were awesome, and two of the characters were younger Joseph Gordon Levitt and Heath Ledger. This got me to thinking about another Heath Ledger movie; A Knights Tale. Oddly enough (although not odd for Zulu Delta), this movie involved loose aspects of another old crusty story by the English author; Geoffrey Chaucer who wrote Canterbury Tales. At one point in the movie, the author Chaucer has been laid bare; literally, by some debt collectors. Suddenly, he jumps up from the bushes naked and with the bravo and poise of a writer’s only weapon, screams after the men who took his clothes riding away on horses; “I shall in eviscerate you in fiction!” I’ll be honest, although I found the scene funny, I later found it hysterical after I actually looked up the word eviscerate. I just love the word, and if Chaucer’s threat of redemption wasn’t enough, today the world popped up all over the internet. It was in reference to a set of editorials from the Los Angles Times; “L.A.Times eviscerates ( a politician whose name will not be spoken by Zulu Delta) in recent editorials.” http://www.latimes.com/projects/la-ed-our-dishonest-president/  
How cool is that? Very cool I tell you!

When the coolest character in a movie turns out to be a writer, it might be time to start writing a blog, or at the very least, start keeping a mental list of the coolest words in the dictionary!

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