Falling Down In Fright; An Open Apology For Rhyming









Letter F.

You sailed across the ocean, and down upon the Bay, marking the rock at Plymouth; you suddenly lost your way.

Pontius as he Pilate, Pilgrims were your fate; “Let’s cheat all the Indians and Make America Great!”

Forgetting where you came from, crawling out your hole, spreading hate and discontent; selling out your soul.

Claiming you’re for Jesus, sticking it to the poor, holding your head up so high; marching on Heavens door.

So now the winds are turning, as they often do, once you were a red state; but soon you’ll be a blue.

Taunting Veterans, and the dead, running campaigns of smear, you’re so mighty, you’re so just; falling down in fear.

Stealing people’s health care, claiming it’s not their right, I know your full of bullshit; falling down in fright.

Trophy Hunting Lions, killing Grizzly Bears, crying for your gun rights; falling down in fear.

I saw you in the news, I saw you in the light, I saw you at your worst; falling down in fright.

Zulu Delta

4 thoughts on “Falling Down In Fright; An Open Apology For Rhyming

  1. ZD. It’s only been a week, and the scope of your commentary has extended far, wide and deep (not to mention the technology upgrades with music, graphics, and videos). As I said on day one, it seems like you’ve got a bunch of stuff in storage, awaiting release. But to shift the tone as you did today, leaving the laugh track behind, is a courageous move. Good for you.


    • Thanks John! Once again, this blog was completed as something entirely different than what I started it as. It’s unlikely that it will be read a hundred years from now in school, but I can live with “that.”


  2. Wow love your banner. It screams:READ ME.”Once you were a red state, soon You’ll be a blue. I’m lovin’ it. Can’t wait to read some more. My theme is anything Writer(ly) check it out.


  3. Reblogged this on Zulu Delta 45 and commented:

    Hello Everyone, I posted this blog last year for the Letter F. It was just resent to me by my friend Joan. It’s simple, but I think it deserves a re-post as an added bonus for the letter F.


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