Jewish War Veterans Memorial Highway











 Letter J  

I made this observation many years ago, and every time I drive by, I begin to think about the naming origins of this stretch of Route 95 in Connecticut. I still haven’t found the answers I’m looking for, but I’ll keep trying!

I am always leery of the naming of public property; especially after politicians who really didn’t pay for, nor deserve the credit for the construction. Being a Veteran, I’m in favor of naming roads, buildings, or even Merry-Go-Rounds after Veterans and their service to this country.

I do think things get a little cloudy, and dangerous when religion is added to the mix, and IT IS ABOUT RELIGION, not heritage, otherwise, you would have places like “The Irish Interstate” (no jokes about beer can litter at this time). When this road was built in 1958, I’m sure that if someone suggested calling it “The Catholic Corridor,” things wouldn’t have gone so smooth. 

Could you imagine in today’s society in America; “The Hindu Highway, The Wicca Watershed,” or “The Jehovah Witness Public Wind Farm.”

Still don’t believe me?

How about naming it the Muslim-American War Veterans Highway. 

I can hear the heads exploding now.

I personally like all those names. Do they all deserve it? The religious symbols on the grave stones in Arlington National Cemetery suggest they do, but favoring one religion over another?

You can try to name the highway what you want, but you better be ready for another war.



2 thoughts on “Jewish War Veterans Memorial Highway

  1. Mmmmm… yes, I get the Veteran’s bit… just name it after the battalion or squadron, or even the particular hero from a campaign… that may be better!? o_O

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