Letter Y-YouTube And God





An Atheist is a person who doesn’t believe in God, a Divine Entity, or a “higher power.” An Agnostic is one who doubts God, a Divine Entity, or a “higher power” exists. Then there are the rest of us.

I happen to believe in God, even though I am constantly questioning His/Her role in the living universe; including me. If you asked the majority of people who believe in God / A God, they may tell you about faith, a gut feeling, upbringing, or various other reason why they believe. I have some of those sentiments as well, but I also have two others; YouTube and Ants. I’ll save the Ant blog for another time.

I remember watching the comedy movie “Keeping The Faith.” It’s about two best friends who happen to be a Roman Catholic (Roman-hahaha) Priest and a Jewish Rabbi. They also fall in love with the same woman. It’s a cute and funny movie, and I enjoyed it.  At one point, there is a line in the movie; “that warm feeling you get, that all people belong together; that’s God.”  I know it’s only a movie line, but I like it, and I happen to believe it.

I think people do belong together; well, unless I’m trying to watch Star Trek, and “someone “is talking. Then a solitary existence really is the best way to go!

I think one of the main themes that bind people together is the sharing of knowledge; be it the exchange of how to make a wheel, or how to make the best blueberry muffins. Much has been documented on how the sharing of knowledge lifted mankind out of the Dark Ages. There also seems to be enough written describing how the Dark Ages was well orchestrated to prevent the spread of knowledge, and the suppression of information, all because it was easier to manipulate and control an ignorant populace.

Eventually when the light began to shine down on the earth; metaphorically speaking, books and encyclopedias led the way. In many ways they still do…….BUT ………then there’s YouTube.

When I think of the amazement of YouTube, I think about the novel Fahrenheit 451. At the end of the novel, when all the books have been destroyed and civilization has to start new, there is a group of stragglers who survive. The idea is not that one person knows every book ever written, it’s that society will be rebuilt from many people who may only know one book or chapter, poem or verse.  YouTube is like that; the collection of knowledge is not necessarily from people who get paid to share or research knowledge, but from those who want to share information they possess with others for free.

For the record, I hold multiple professional technical licensees and college degrees in a fairly wide range of mechanical matters, but they didn’t help me when my snow blower wouldn’t start one winter. My rescue was only a few “clicks” away in the person of HENRY147. A “YouTuber,” from the upper Iron Ore ranges of Minnesota hanging around in his barn one very cold winter night, and he walked me through a disassembly, rebuild, and assembly of a 5 horsepower gasoline engine carburetor; my very first one.  I have also repaired my washing machine twice, my clothes dryer twice, made art from scrap wood, built tables, and stir-fried Beef Lo Mein; all with the guiding help of YouTube, and all for free.

I hope God would be pleased.


6 thoughts on “Letter Y-YouTube And God

  1. We’ve used YouTube to fix things, too. It can be very helpful. But like anything else it just depends on how you use it. Congrats on making it through April! And thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Hope to see you around the blogosphere often!

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