Letter J- Jamestown




This year, I will be doing “something new.” I have chosen a “theme.” I will be blogging about biking adventures. This will include riding tales, travel, stories, absurdity, insanity, adventure, and hopefully a little humor and nonsense mixed in; my favorite topics.

By Zulu Delta

One Saturday afternoon, a couple of us ventured down to the island of Jamestown in Rhode Island. As we rode along, there was no shortage of great things to look at. I know, because I am always looking around on my bike; it’s really why I love to ride.

There were mansions and yachts, and fields with cows, and views of the Newport and Jamestown bridges to name a few. I was riding pretty slow that afternoon. It was so nice out, and just one of those days where all I really wanted to do was roll around at 12 mph. The distance between me and my riding mates was getting larger. It was right at this point I considered “leaning on it” to catch up. Suddenly, a still shot picture appeared all over my conscious mind. It was a picture of a flower; several actually, that I passed 30 seconds ago. Almost in a subliminal trance, I slowed down, made a U-Turn, and headed back to where I saw the flowers. 

They were literally small road-side wildflowers, cropped up in a harsh soil/sand mixture for those not run-over, flatten, or destroyed by car tracks and the heat of the asphalt. I took what I thought would be a fairly mundane picture and went and caught up with my friends.

We decided to stay around for lunch after our ride, and as we basked in the sun and salt air off Narragansett Bay (it never gets tiresome) at the East Ferry Deli, we took out our phones and started to compare ride pictures. When I pulled up my wildflower picture, it seemed “nice” but when I zoomed in to show the group, I found a surprise; a bee inside loading up on nectar! This is the picture you see on top of this post. It’s one of my favorite bike pictures; in a long line of favorite bike pictures.

A few weeks later; still inspired by the Jamestown picture, I decided to dedicate a whole ride to taking pictures of flowers along my path. I will include some below.

Not everything about being out riding bikes is about riding bikes.










9 thoughts on “Letter J- Jamestown

  1. “I slowed down, made a U-Turn, and headed back…” Doing this, with enthusiasm, when riding with a ‘road group’, is an admirable trait, Zulu. Some say ‘don’t let life pass you by’; you say ‘I’m not going to pass-by life!’

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