Letter L- Lost On The Downhill? Ah…NO! Flam, Norway

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This year, I will be doing “something new.” I have chosen a “theme.” I will be blogging about biking adventures. This will include riding tales, travel, stories, absurdity, insanity, adventure, and hopefully a little humor and nonsense mixed in; my favorite topics.

By Zulu Delta

Flam, Norway. I have so many great memories and bike stories of this place. I’ll try a couple of quick ones now. 

There is a biking and hiking path from Myrdal, Norway to Flam, Norway. It’s about 11 miles and through some of the most majestic scenery on the planet. Oh…..and did I forget to tell you that it’s almost 99% DOWNHILL!!!???? It’s just Awesome. 

My nephew Matthew and I stopped at the bike shop in Myrdal. We obviously had never been here before. We had a rough idea of how the path went, but there were places that branched off to a smaller farm or mountain houses. We paid close attention as the bike attendant was quickly telling us “where to go.” We were especially concerned if we accidentally took the wrong fork in the road; not to suffer the extra mileage, but we were a little time constrained to make it back to the ship on time, or it would leave without us. There was a guided ship bike tour, but it only did half the distance and would miss the coolest switchbacks at the top.

flam switch

Switchbacks on the route from Myrdal to Flam, Norway.

Patiently and only slightly annoyed, the young bike attendant finally said; “look, I’ve been doing this for five years and nobody has ever gotten lost!” IMMEDIATELY, Matthew blurts out ” CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!” We all cracked up, and I still laugh about it until this day. 

The ride down past waterfalls, mountains, blue skies, rushing rivers, and through green pastures and herds of goats made up one of the most epic bike rides I have ever been on.

When we finally got down to Flam; a small village at the inner section of the Sognefjord, where the Queen Mary 2 was moored, we rode our bikes around the waterfront taking it all in. I love to travel by this cruise ship, and I fear that it’s future is in jeopardy due to the present health pandemic. We met a couple riding bikes. They were from Australia. They had also ridden down from Myrdal. Bike people are so interesting and great to chat with. We traded bike and travel stories. Finally, the woman said; “where are you guys staying tonight?” We just pointed. When she turned around to look, it was the same view of the ship you see in the picture above. “WOW”……..she said. “That is so cool!” 

We have to agree.

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