Letter S- Sleepy’s Alert!!!!


Sleepy’s was a large mattress firm in the Northeastern United States a few years back. They have since been taken over by a company called Mattress Firm. What always astounded me about the company, was it seemed they would send out advertisement flyers by mail ALL THE TIME!

Sure, maybe I need a mattress, but I’m pretty sure I don’t need to buy a mattress 3 times a week and 7 times a month for 3 years straight. It also seemed to me at this time that there was a Sleepy’s Mattress Store in every strip mall and one every 2 miles in every direction you went. Maybe this wasn’t the actual case, but what kind of blog would that be? 

One summer Matthew and I went on a bike adventure. It was great as always. We drove from Rhode Island to New London, Connecticut. We then took the ferry to Long Island/Orient Point, NY. Two more ferry rides and we arrived in Montauk, New York where we would set out on many more bike adventures!  In between that, we visited the  Brookhaven National Laboratory, and a real gem, Wardenclyffe, the long-abandoned, but up from the ashes science project of one of the greatest minds the world has ever know; Nikola Tesla. 



A reporter once asked Albert Einstein what it was like to be the smartest person on the planet? His reply; “I don’t know, why don’t you go ask Nikola Tesla?” 

Meanwhile, everywhere we drove, we came across a Sleepy’s store. It became a car and bike riding battle cry to spot it first; “Sleepy’s Alert, Sleepy’s Alert!!!” This was also a Zulu Delta public service message as it was possible that the “unsuspecting” could be dragged in against their will and be forced to not only buy a mattress but sit down and read pages of mail advertisements. Hey, we we just doing our part for safety. Years later when actually buying a mattress in a Mattress Firm store, the salesman off-handedly told me his company used to be owned by Sleepy’s (which I didn’t know at the time because there was no ZD45 Blog to inform me). To his dismay, I burst into loud laughter.

Anyway, one afternoon riding out a rainstorm on the trip, we decided to make a quick video about the dangers of passing a Sleepy’s store.  Yes, we were riding our bikes up and down the hallways of the hotel! The realization of the fact that we were most likely on closed-circuit TV and the young boy’s astonishment of people riding bikes in the hotel still cracks me up. While I’m at it, how about if I throw in another Zulu Delta movie; “One morning waiting for the train in Riksgransen,  Sweden” (making moronic movies on vacation is fun!).

I hope you enjoy!


When looking for a picture to attach to this blog, I just came across this video…..Hahahahahaha!!!

2 thoughts on “Letter S- Sleepy’s Alert!!!!

  1. Sleepy’s can die on the vine and I’ll dance in the streets! Hell, I’ll light the match. Very sore subject Zulu cuz. Apparently the local Sleepy’s is 1 digit away from my landline phone number. A simple matter of my 339 vs their 399 is all it took for me to get hundreds, say again, hundreds of calls from unhappy customers. They have a lot of those!
    I’ve begged, threatened, blackmailed them with threatening to tell all callers they went Chapter 11….the calls still come. Down to a trickle these past few years! Yes, years! Now mostly internal, yes internal calls, my number is in their system…not just their printed advertisements. Oh, I didn’t mention that they print my number in all those advertisements you get?

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    • Paul, I;m sorry for your aggravation, but I’m glad for your story. I have heard similar stories from others, and I don’t recall them getting much better resolution to their problem. I do find it interesting writing this blog, that once in a while, I bring up a topic and the flood gates open with personal stories relating to the topic. Of course, in your case, on the times when I didn’t want to kill who was on the other end of the phone, I would tell them I’m the district manager and “we” have decided to give you a full refund and $1000 dollar credit for their trouble; and then have them call the “corporate relations” number for their rebate which would really be the number for the Attorney Generals fraud hot line!! Hahahah. Thanks for reading Paul!


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