I have to give credit, it wasn’t my “line” but for someone who loves books, it was pretty funny. It came from some  TV show. Two people were arguing about some subject until a third person finally said, “no, that’s true, I read it in a book I heard.” Of course, it didn’t take long for my mind to wonder about books, audiobooks, ebooks, and of course the decline of the bookstore in general. Without a full rant about bookstores, I do have to tell of some underlying thought I have always had about the “super bookstore.” I wondered how their business model continues to allow a person to sit at their “cafe,” palming through brand new books, and magazines. You know the ones; the people who will spend 10 dollars for a  cup of coffee with 5 different names, a piece of 5 layer chocolate cheesecake, and won’t even buy that crappy People magazine for 3 dollars; not to mention they also spread coffee, and cake stains all over the pages. Maybe the joke’s on me as there may be far more profit in chocolate, and coffee than selling books. This might explain why there are boxes of single Lindt pieces of chocolate that I “categorically deny” ever trying, including the truly amazing white chocolate that is “allegedly” sold at the checkout register. (Wink, wink).

Ok, so for the moment, let’s skip the decline of newspaper readership, books we love to buy, but will never read, and how will young kids ever find out about “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe?” Book concerns came to me the other night when I was looking for a place to hide out on Halloween instead of going home to face the rude 17-year-old kids still out “trick or treating” at 9 pm. So many bookstores had closed.  It took me a day or two to contemplate this, but as usual in life, the answer was right under my nose, almost literally.  As I was looking out my kitchen window,  I watched more than a few people walk into the public library behind my house. Thinking that this building was so beautiful, I got to thinking about all the libraries I love. I even came across a website with some of the most beautiful ones.


Of course, The Boston Public Library was there. It also happens to be one of my favorites. The courtyard alone is worth the trip. They also have a cafe; sorry no People magazines sold here. During the day, you can hide beneath the shade of the large stone walls. At night, relax on chairs and tables by the cool flowing fountain.  In the process of looking at library pictures, I came across a few articles about how the building has become very popular to rent out for weddings, and social functions. A building truly “By the People, for the People!” Can you imagine the ceremony scene?

Marriage official; “Mary, do you take this man……..

Librarian; “Ssshhhhh!!!

Marriage official; “…..to love and to hold……

Librarian; ” I said SSSssssHHH!!!

Marriage official; ” …..and do you……

Librarian; “That’s it!! I’m going to have to ask you people to leave immediately!!”

 The worst part could come when you go to the bar to get a drink; “Sir, may I get a rum and coke, and a glass of ginger ale please?” Bartender; “I’m sorry Sir, but I’m not allowed to serve you because you still have outstanding overdue book fines from twenty years ago……..would you like to settle that account? We take First Born’s, full mortgage sign overs, and 401 K’s.”  

Maybe they could ride off to the honeymoon in the Bookmobile!


  1. Joined the library this year, after being away from one for 46yrs. I moved to RI from NYC in 1966 you see and just hate rushing into commitments.
    Funny thing, they still SMELL the same as I remember and I swear it’s the same lady behind the desk as back at the New York Public and she hasn’t aged a bit.
    Anybody know of any cross references on Librarians and the Undead?


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