Flashing Green doesn’t mean “Go Dog Go!”

A2Z-2013-BADGE-001Small_zps669396f9goLet’s go back to our basic driver’s education class; “So everybody, what does the yellow traffic light mean at the intersection?” If we were all 15-years old  and in class, the response would be; “caution, slow down, and prepare to stop!” Now that we all have our license, and are out on the streets, what does a yellow light mean? “Speed up, blast through the intersection, or be prepared to sit at the red light for “god forbid,” maybe a FULL 2 minutes.”

This may not be the proper way to drive, but it is reality. If there is one driving habit I am constantly trying to change about myself, it’s this. I’m guilty, and though it’s no consolation, I can say that as bad as my habit may be on a difficult day, it’s far better than the people who regularly not only “blast” through a yellow, but are a full 5 seconds behind before they even cross the intersection on a red light.

I could tell you that the best way to solve this problem would to re-write the DNA of the human race that would give people the patience to slow down, and wait at the red light, but that’s not going to happen. The next best way would be to change the traffic codes of the United States so there is a blinking green light. This would not be like the blinking green that some other countries have to advise of the other direction’s traffic or warning about an emergency vehicle’s approach. It’s a signal that the yellow traffic light is about to appear, so don’t even think about “punching it!”

This traffic pattern could help prevent over 2,000 intersection deaths a year, thousands of other injuries, millions of dollars of damage, and the sometime needed help to keep me from running yellow lights on the days I don’t have enough self-restraint to do it myself!

For the record; Go Dog Go; I STILL love reading that book!

“Do you like my hat? No I do not like your hat! Good bye, Good bye!”

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