Overactive Imagination

A2Z-2013-BADGE-001Small_zps669396f9imaginationLet’s put it all out there. I want my imagination back. It is not my intention to mock, belittle, write cruelly, or in any way speak ill of any one person’s affliction, or illness, but the time has come for me to decided what is, and isn’t an over-active imagination.

For the longest time, I was under the perception that having an overactive imagination was a good thing. I thought it meant a person was bright, curious, inclined toward adventure, and unwilling to succumb to the doldrums that life can be at times. You know what? That’s exactly what I am going to say it means. I say this, because when I looked up the actual definition and characteristics, I didn’t like what I found at all! There were words and expressions of prognosis like; disease, disorder, dysfunction, excessive day-dreaming, anxiety, and psychosis. I don’t care, I’m a writer and I’m re-writing it all over. (OK, OK, maybe the “prone to fantasy” section has some merit…….wink, wink).

Being in the D.W.D. Program; Doctors Without Degrees, a fictitious self-imposed title that lies somewhere between “trained” in first aid, and the ability to un-bashfully self-diagnose myself, I’ll decide  which of my thoughts are overactive or not.

From this point forward; let the truth be known; an over active imagination is a GREAT thing as evidence of the following few ideas;

  1. The desire to travel across the globe, or across the street, knowing that adventure waits with either; all the while, never leaving the porch chair.
  2. The inclination to engage strangers in conversation; always finding something new and wonderful.
  3. The strength to continue to learn, and the vow to stay informed about the world around you when the instinct is to bury your head, and heart in the sand, and hope all the world’s problems go away!

I hope I continue daydreaming long enough to finish this A-Z challenge.

Now, where did I park my spaceship?

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