Bike Party Over…..Or Not.

LoopThis is not about the Agony of Defeat, but the outcome is not so good. Let’s get to it; Martyn Ashton was a man who rode a bike. He did not just ride, he did some amazing things on a bike. He also made two films about some of those bike rides called “Road Bike Party, and Road Bike Party Two.” Before we get to those, I have to tell you about a tragic accident he suffered. Back in September of last year, Martyn was attempting a bike stunt, and fell on his back. The accident was severe. At this time, he’s paralyzed from the waist down. As significant, and sad a development as that is, there’s something else I want to tell you about his life.

A little while ago, I was thinking about some preliminary ideas for the A-Z blog challenge. I wanted to write about Martyn, so I A2Z-BADGE-000 [2014]went to look up some information on him. What I found was the news of the accident. This blog is not about the news of the accident. If I wanted to take that path, I could go on about the dangers, and lack of judgement of some of his actions. Of course, I would also have to go on about how many people are cared for at the emergency room from cutting themselves slicing bagels. Someone had sent me his first video when it first came out. I was stunned! The people I showed it to were stunned! The main reason I am overtaken with his video is not necessarily the “shock, and pop” (though, there is that) of the places he goes, and the stunts he does, but the appreciation of the overwhelming achievement of physics. By this I mean that as someone who loves to ride a bike, I am in awe, and appreciation of the power, skill, balance, and possibly outright insanity of what it  takes to accomplish these feats. I had once written about how technology is so ever-present, that it often gets over looked, and under appreciated for the marvel, or pure magic it may be; the telephone is at the top of the list. These bike stunts carry that same incredible nature; the difficulty, and brilliance disguised as commonplace for those not paying attention.

 Try to imagine yourself on the bike for some of the stunts. If that’s too much, imagine just the power needed to pedal up the hills, and around the corners. I know that if I’m out riding my bike, jumping up and over a curb, or by-passing a log in my path may give me reason to dismount my bike and walk over it. Some of the videos have the out-takes of the failed attempts, that only adds to the “magic” of it all. Martyn was in the middle of Road Bike Party Two when the accident occurred, so beside his film footage, two of his friends helped him finish the final product.

It is said that a shooting star burns the brightest…….mostly before they flame out. For Martyn, I hope you continue to burn in all you do; with your physical recovery, and for the different kind of bikes you now ride. Know this; when you flew on your bike with the power, and grace of Icarus too close to the sun, I watched you, and I will tell all that will listen; you were magnificent!

Please watch at least one, if not both of his video’s below!   


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