United States; A-Z Day Four


New Mexico – “Point Me In The Direction Of Albuquerque” is my favorite Partridge Family song…….”Well, Well, Well Zulu….You just couldn’t leave it alone could you?”

New York – I once commented that NYC was great because you could get a slice of pizza on any corner of the city. My brother replied that you could pretty much get “a slice” of anything you wanted on any corner in the city.

North CarolinaThe war between the North and South is not about the Union and Confederacy. It is between North Carolina and South Carolina. It’s a present 335 mile border dispute that dates back 280 years. Beside pride and ownership, what’s at stake also includes whether a doctor in one state will have to apply for a medical license in another state if he sees patients in one room of his office tangle in the border dispute, or whether a gas station owner also caught in the region will have to pay higher gas taxes to the other state, and still be allowed to sell beer.

smokeyNorth Dakota
Is it true? Once upon a time, a “Slow Gin Fizz” was an alcohol concoction served in a “Gin Mill.” With the state engulfed in the Fracking Boom, it now refers to the puff and hiss of Benzene and Formaldehyde fizzing out of the local’s kitchen water faucets; well, that’s when the tap is not belching flames anyway……

OhioAlthough aesthetically pleasing, the proliferation of glass pyramids as buildings similar to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, the Arena in Memphis, and the Louvre in Paris means either “The Aliens” are preparing to land “a la” Star Gate, or the world’s architectural schools have one “wild-ass and unchecked” cheating scandal in progress!

OklahomaI often hear the expression “The Texas Panhandle.” In truth, this section of Texas is a square block of counties while the real “panhandle” is the western geographical side of Oklahoma. Go Sooners!

OregonDid you ever imagine magnificent ancient beauty in a pristine setting completely void of “Urban Sprawl?” Imagine no more. Take a trip to Crater Lake National Park. At the end of June, half the road around the rim was still closed due to snowfall, and all you can see is white covered mountains surrounding the most crystal blue lake with no rivers or streams running into it; the deepest lake in the United States at 1,943 Ft.

williamsPennsylvaniaThe Phone number and Glen Miller song PEnnsylvania 6-5000 is from a phone numbering system used in large cities in the “early days” making the real phone number 736-5000, PE being 7 and 3. It was the area around Penn Station. The number belongs to the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City till this day. I have a Williams phone (WI lliams 1) that still works; 941 is the prefix.

Rhode Island – There is a great restaurant in the Knightsville section of Cranston, Rhode Island called Antonio’s. They have a Lunch Menu, a Dinner Menu, and a Post Funeral Menu. This is the truth! Now that’s Italian!! http://antoniotrattoria.com/

South Carolina Overheard yelling at North Carolina concerning the border dispute details listed in the North Carolina section; “Tell you what Junior. We’ll let you keep Mayberry RFD, if you let us keep the spent nuclear fuel dump! Only condition is; the dump has to agree to fly the Confederate Flag overhead instead of that old Yankee North Carolina Flag!”



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