And On The Sixth Day, Zulu………

Never mind all that nonsense now….the 6th day is just the day after the 5th day…..

Hello all my fellow observers;

I just wanted to drop a note about my recent blogs on the United States, and leave just a few more thoughts. First and foremost, I had a great time writing it. Not only do I get to make my usual “cracks” about life in general, but I learned so much. I also wanted to thank so many for reading and especially those who left comments………which is never too late to do.

There was no real rhyme or reason as to the “Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” of each state. Some stuff was sitting in the back of my head, and other stuff I just stumbled across. There is still more than enough information floating out there to make plenty of other blogs, and to be honest, I’m just as surprised and anxious to find out what I’ll be writing about next.

Americans often note how many of the world’s citizens are locked in battles over borders.  My idea initially started with a dispute between the States of Maine and New Hampshire. A short time later, I had read about enough border disputes in the United States alone to make the Middle East shake their heads with confusion. On a related note, last week I was waiting for Zimbabwe to claim ownership of the North Pole; why note, it seems every other country on the planet has.

I left out Mississippi. It wasn’t a mistake; I’m writing a blog about observations. I just wanted to see if anyone caught me………..I guess I’m going to have to get some more readers from Mississippi (bite your tongue Zulu, bite your tongue).

One of my faithful readers told me she was disappointed with my entry for Pennsylvania.  As I pointed out above, each state could have gone in many directions.  In the end, not only do I appreciated her readership, and constructive criticism, but she left me an amazing article about six pioneering woman who programmed the first computer in the United States. Thanks B. Please check out the article.

Immediately after my day 5 blog was published, I came across this amazing fact; Catalina Island off the coast of Los Angles, California has some very interesting wild life; Buffalo……….yea, I’m talking Bison!! The facts of who brought them there not including Moses, are a little sketchy. Regardless, the herd grew to 600 head at one point and is now maintained at about 150 who are view by tourists, loved by locals, cycled past by bicycles, and occasionally “shooed” off the local airport runway. Crazy, but after all, it is Southern California! 




I’m looking forward to my next blog post………

 Zulu Delta




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