Letter N. “Never” Does Come……….But “Someday” Never Does.


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This popular quote has been going around the internet; “The Information Super-Highway” recently. It may seem new, but it’s a variation of many older quotes. We all know them; “No time like the present,” “It’s never too late,” the list goes on.

I’d like to add my own. “Everyday is New Years Eve!” Don’t wait until “armature night” to threaten a change in your own life. Do it now!

There is the song by Credence Clearwater Revival, “Someday Never Comes.” It’s true. It ranges from the grand; “Someday, I’m going to visit that National Park, someday, I’m going to take guitar lessons, someday, I’m going to learn to speak a new language” to the simple; ” someday, I’m going to call up my old friend and say hello, someday, I’m going to ride down to the beach for lunch, someday, I’m going to stop and talk to my neighbor.” Someday never comes.

Maybe there’s an invisible barrier in human behavior that make doing these harder. I don’t know. What I do know is that if you can crack the code for accomplishment, each successive task becomes easier. Start with the simple, and least expensive tasks first, and work your way to the more challenging ones. A sense of accomplishment goes a long way, and can be used as ‘foot hole” to keep climbing up the “to-do” list.

Lets run down a few of the things on your “Someday” list……..

  • Someday, I’m going to build a Time Travel Ship. GOOD; who doesn’t want to do that, but it may be a little too ambitious to start with. Gear down.
  • Someday, I’m going to take a tour around the world on a cruise ship. OK, that would be awesome, but it requires massive amounts of free time, and SERIOUS cash reserves. Never the less, start planning and saving, but let’s drop a few steps.
  • Someday, I’m going to show up on the steps of Jennifer Aniston (or George Clooney) and profess my ultimate love! Well, I can see that, BUT…. they are married, it’s VERY creepy, you SHOULD get arrested, and besides, in the case of Jenn, she is still harboring feelings for me; well, deep down……deep,… deep,…. deep down.
  • Someday, I’m going to walk up to the Police Officer in the donut shop and say “Excuse me officer, I followed your car here from my house 3 miles away; you failed to use your directional signal 4 times, and you spent considerable time on your cell phone. How safe are those acts?” Yes, “someday” you may want to say those things, but until you successfully build that time machine and can go back 5 minutes in the past to where you said those insane things, you may just want to stuff that blueberry muffin in your mouth and hope it works like wet cement.

How about a few “real” ideas that will give you the skills to break routines, and familiar behaviors that may help you find that foothold for your future “someday.”

  • “Someday,” when you go to the diner, stop ordering “the same old thing”, and order something “new” like you have been saying you will forever. DO IT!
  • “Someday,” at the ATM machine, choose a language you don’t speak and see if you can complete the transaction just for fun. If it goes wrong, hit ‘cancel’ OR re-deposit the $4.57 million dollars in cash you just withdrew……..don’t say it!!!
  • “Someday,” when you walk into the supermarket, instead of going straight into the fruit and produce section, turn right, and “counter-clockwise” to the “flow” of people to complete your shopping . Be prepared for evil looks!

At the very least, stop saying “someday, I’m going to take all those plastic supermarket bags and bring them to the CVS recycle bin;” for God’s sake, your worse than your parents with all the paper bags jammed in the broom closet! Oh whoops……that was me I was talking about!

6 thoughts on “Letter N. “Never” Does Come……….But “Someday” Never Does.

  1. Dennis,

    Only you… I can hear you with each blog!!! Another great one!!!

    However, I will point out, YOU NEED ME for proofreading. I can take the oath of confidentiality for fear of death or other forms of punishment (you know, hide my AmEx card or blowdryer, make me eat a frozen dinner, etc – your choice).

    Maybe, I now need to go through MY bag collection – it is extensive – there are some real collector’s items in it. John does not understand it, but can tell you all about it…

    Terri xx



  2. Someday we have to go to a new Chime Restaurant rather than 4 Seasons. Need to break out of our comfort zone. But then again, I do love that place. Maybe next time. What creatures of habits we are.


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