Grata, Persona Non Grata; Welcome, Person Not Welcome










Persona Non Grata; for the record, I LOVE that expression; so simple and yet so powerful!

Meanwhile, back in Zulu Delta Land………I had come across a TV episode on Netflix where one of the main characters said to the other main character “It’s a total Baader Meinhof situation here.” They both agreed, and when one of their friends chimed in with “what’s that,” we both learned something. To sum it up, it’s the concept of hearing, learning or seeing something (usually obscure) for the first time and then having that “something” pop up all over the place. A loose example would be associated with the idea of buying a new car only to realized after you bought it that you now see the same car and color everywhere you go. Check out more in this article from Alan Belows on his website;

Months ago while listening to internet radio (WFMU; another whole blog), the radio host commented this; “I’m not sure when I got so old or cranky, but when I now go to a coffee shop, especially a hipster coffee shop, It drives me crazy when the young wait staff brings my coffee and I say “Thank You,” only to get the reply; “No Problem.” He goes on to say he wants to scream out that the proper reply is “Your Welcome!” He also want’s to throw out the snide remark that “I hope it’s not a problem, as this is a coffee shop and all you did was get some coffee.” He refrains, but for himself, and all the listeners, the damage is done. Suddenly, everywhere we go, Baader Meinhof is exploding all around us………”No problem, No Problem, No Problem!”

What happens now? Well, there’s decaf coffee, herbal tea, or the calming words of a previous A-Z Blog by Zulu Delta writing about coffee shops;

Don’t worry; what ever the answer, it’s about to come around again…..everywhere you go.

3 thoughts on “Grata, Persona Non Grata; Welcome, Person Not Welcome

  1. One regular coffee with a milligram of Zanax, please! My kids use phrases I have to have explained to me. Usually, they are evidence of being very well-read. Or, it is code for “let’s drive Mom crazy….”!


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