Is The Truth Enough?


Letter I

Let’s get Zen!

There I was, sitting in my writing chair, struggling to progress through one of my recent blog entries. SUDDENLY, a news flash came in over the teletype! Well, it wasn’t that impressive, or dramatic; it was just a post update on Facebook. As all writers know, it only takes the proverbial flash of a shiny object to distract us, and drag us into something completely unproductive.

It was a meme posted by a friend; and based on the famous quote; “Know the truth, and the Truth shall set you free,” You know, the old Kim Kardashian quote; Ok, Ok, fine, it was a quote from Jesus Christ; I just like to tease the supermarket tabloid crowd (If they’re actually reading this blog).  Anyway, now it had a new twist thrown in;

“Before the truth can set you free,

You need to recognize which lie is holding you hostage”

So simple, so true, that like most revelations, it will be overlooked, ignored, and discarded.

If we start with simple statements and work our way up, regardless of what is fact or not; teetering on reality and faith, will humans find it harder and harder to accept any truth that will leave them left “out in the cold,” or will we just replace one false truth with another, the idea being that something to cling to is far better than wandering around in an intellectual and emotional void?

Is there a Santa Claus?

Is it true that Vitamin Water isn’t much healthier than drinking Coke, and both products are actually owned by Coca-Cola?

Is there life anywhere else in the Universe?

Am I the “real” problem in this relationship or am I the difficult person at work?

Does God exist?

Out of the corner of my eye, I spot a book next to me that I bought at this cool bookstore at Pikes Market in Seattle but haven’t picked up in years (HELLO Baader Meinhof); it’s called “Something in This book Is True.”

The current on my Stream of Consciousness begins to increase rapidly. As you may be able to tell, I have contemplated this existential minefield before.

Next, I’m reminded of a piece of paper that hung on my refrigerator for many years. It was a quote I got from Michelle (A.K.A. Delta 1.8) on the bottom of one of her emails, passed on down from a long time ago; summed up as “What does the heart desire more than the truth?

The stream is now raging, and as a last-ditch effort to save myself from cognitive meltdown, and a launch over the cliffs of insanity; I text back “The Informational Zen Master” herself; Rachael, who sent me the meme in the first place. With no time, or rational neurons to spare, I throw out the imaginary thought life-line with a short direct question;

“Rachael, “Is the Truth Enough?”

With clenched fists and held breath, I awaited the reply. “BING!!” The sound of an answer had arrived.

All Rachael said was “It depends on which truth it is…………”

“……OHhhhhhh CRAP……!!!!”

Fear not, nothing bad happened to me, but there’s no damn way this blog is getting written tonight!

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