Xavier- Zavier With An X









Letter X

I recently found this program on Netflix to binge watch. The way it usually works is; I find a new show (to me anyway), I begin to watch, I invest my time, I like and understand the characters, and THEN…….the show gets cancelled. In an odd twist, I did all the above mentioned things, except, it turns out the show was already cancelled, even before I began to watch it. The show was called “No Tomorrow.” 

One of the quarks of the main character was to introduce himself to people as “Zavier,” or as he puts it, Zavier with an X (Xavier) . The crux of the show is Zavier at one time was an editor for a science magazine. Eventually, he comes to the belief that an asteroid will crash into Earth, thus destroying the entire planet, and the whole population only has 8 months to live. Of course, he tries to warn the world and get’s branded as a nut job and becomes a complete pariah. 

Giving up on warning the world, he makes an “Apoco-list,” which is a “bucket list” of everything he ever wanted to do in life. Along the way, he tries to convince everyone he meets to do the same. The whole idea is fun and the show has some crazy characters. I enjoyed watching.

So here’s “the thing;” I find bucket lists kind of sad. It’s almost as if  people are telling themselves that if they don’t get to an item on the list, that they have somehow failed themselves, or lived a life “more ordinary,” a personal ultimatum gone bad. It also reminds me of people who make New Year’s Resolutions. Make the resolutions anytime of the year, and if you don’t follow though, or you quit, or you decide the path you have chosen to follow is not for you; just stop it, and if your’re up to it, start again; anytime you want, ……or not.

The only thing sadder than having a list, is having a bucket list and not doing anything on the list. Who said bucket lists have to be so grandiose? How about starting small and simple; “I’m going to pack a picnic lunch and go sit down on those rocks by the water.” The “rule-meisters” never said that you had to climb Kilimanjaro, or you’re out of the club!

I love lists, and I keep some; bike adventures, and travel spots, but I also keep lists of easy things; “Movies I want to see,” or ” music I want to download,” or fire extinguishers I want to buy…….er, ah…well, you get the drift.

I know it sounds so corny, along with a thousand proverbs, but, don’t wait until the end of the world until you finally get to do something you have wanted to do for a long time. 

It’s unlikely someone will make your life into a TV show; “Zulu with a Z!”


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