Zulu Delta 45- Last Day For A-Z

Letter Z

It’s possible that some of you are disappointed that I am leaving the A-Z challenge, Letter Z with my own website. I understand; however, I’ve done this before and I think it’s a great way to wrap up the month. I must also state that this “might” be the first time that I didn’t get Sunday off as the challenge ends today with the last day of April. So, I’ll leave you with some thoughts……

As always, first and foremost; to all the people who read, commented, and supported this blog with words of encouragement, THANK YOU!!! I really do enjoy writing and though April is truly a challenge for me, it’s a great sense of accomplishment to finish.

Spelling is always a mental workout and for the record, I’ll tell you that some days are really good, and then there was the blog I wrote one night that when I hit the spell and grammar checker, it looked like an explosion at the red (spelling) and green (grammar) section of the Sharpie Factory. I am also aware that some of my “writing style” is not grammatically correct……….like using excessive periods to indicate a pregnant pause in the story line. For now, I’ll live with it, because it’s closer to voice in my head.

I believe that this round of the A-Z, I wrote more blogs on the fly; the night before or the day they were due (versus having a few written a day or two in advance) which causes a few problems. One is some late nights at my desk, but more importantly, I wasn’t able to keep up with the other bloggers “I know.” To those people, I promise I’ll catch up; not out of guilt, but because I look forward to reading your blogs.

Comments; despite using Word Press for sometime now, I still don’t know or use all the features available to me, especially the comment sections. Before I started typing today’s blog, I changed some settings so it should make it easier to comment. It may even still tell you to log in, but I think you can now comment anonymously without logging in and leaving an email address; regardless of what it says. This will do two things; One, make it easier to comment, and Two, give everyone a chance to really go off on a particular blog post………especially “This Is An Orange,” my venture into the 9/11 search for answers. Well were on it; I’m not afraid or shy to search for answers, as awkward and unpopular as they may be.

People love Sam Cooke; what’s not to love, and the blogs about music seemed to generated the most amounts of enthusiasm. Though not surprised, I find it fun that there are a lot of similar musical tastes between my readers, just as there is a love for bookstores and reading. What’s better than that?

My favorite blogs for this round of the A-Z were “Falling Down In Fright” and “Kinetic Energy, And Her Slacker Brother, Potential Energy.” Both of those post just flew off my head; even more so than usual, and both of them were also completely different from what I initially intended to write about for that letter. One of my favorite comments for the whole series came from John in reply to Falling Down; “…..but to shift the tone as you did today, leaving the laugh track behind, is a courageous move. Good for you.” Thanks John (also the Surveyor). As fun as Kinetic Energy was to write, it’s still every bit as much fun to go back and read. It was silly, and true, and scientific; combining fiction and reality to relay some observations of un-observing world!

I can’t reiterate enough how much I personally learned about, writing my blog this month; I hope you also found something to take way for your time spent with me.

I do intent to continue to write at this space, and perfect my craft. I still have to work out a more consistent schedule. Please try out the new comment section; “the good, the bad, the ugly.” I would love to hear from you.

Watch, think, read, write, read some more, think, rest. Repeat. 

Zulu Delta




9 thoughts on “Zulu Delta 45- Last Day For A-Z

  1. Well done Zulu, another Challenge met! As you noted, there was a spontaneity evident in many posts this time around…. perhaps a little less research, and a little more reliance on your own observations. Maybe it’s a growing confidence in your writing style, but whatever it is, it works! Now, relax, take a break, it’s OVER!


  2. I find it difficult to leave comments. What is in my mind often doesn’t come out right on paper.

    I have very much enjoyed your blog this year and wish you would write every day. Your blog puts a smile on my face. I also enjoyed your spelling errors. It makes you human.


  3. Thanks for your participation in the 2017 Challenge. At about the halfway point of April I started compiling a lot of last minute posts too. Keeps thing exciting in a way.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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