Letter V- Vino Veritas










Ok, the actual expression may be “In Vino Veritas.” but I’m going to say we’re close enough. Despite my crack the other day that it was fun to make up Latin, this is REAL Latin. Every so often, it is far cooler to actually know some Latin than make it up. Quote me on that, and I’ll deny it!

In vino veritas is a Latin phrase that means “in wine, truth”, suggesting a person under the influence of alcohol is more likely to speak their hidden thoughts and desires. From Wikipedia.

I was thinking about this quote for 3 reasons (in case you haven’t noticed, I like making numbered lists);

  1. As just mentioned, there is not always a need to make up Latin when real Latin is all around us.                                                                                                                                                                        
  2. In the recent blog post about Lois Lane and Clark Kent going out on a date, there is a segment of one scene when Lois and Clark are discussing the few times people are truthful and passionate. Lois softly says “In Vino, Veritas.” I’ll be honest, the first time I saw and heard it, and numerous times after that, I didn’t catch the expression, or know the translation, which brings me to reason number Three.                                                                                                                                                      
  3. Reading Friends. https://zuludelta45.net/2018/04/20/letter-r-reading-friends/  Anno Domini
    is one such friend. His name is Latin itself, but I had completely forgotten that until I was typing this.(Baader Meinhof for the thousandth time). He is a prolific reader, and his wealth of knowledge ranges wide and far over many subjects, languages, and geography. Despite how many times I interrupt his stories, he continues to tell me stuff! One night we were talking about a situation where alcohol let lose some insight from someone we know, and he instantly quoted the Latin. Not surprising, he had actually taken Latin in High School. As soon as he spoke the quote, I immediately recalled the Lois quote. I still didn’t know the translation at the time, but he explained it to me. Once again, it’s good to have reading friends!

Ah yes…….“In Zulu Veritas, In Delta insaniam!”

“In Zulu, there is truth, In Delta there is insanity!” 

Hahahahaha! Real Latin is so much fun!



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