When I Paint My Masterpiece; Art In Dispute….AGAIN!!!!

I came across this article in the New York Times. It covers a lot of the same ideas that I wrote about in my blog post ‘When I Paint My Masterpiece.” One thing seems to remain constant; when it comes to art in dispute, there is no honor, especially when the subject of retuning the art comes into context. Zulu Delta



Zulu Delta 45

nazi loot“Gotta hurry on back to my hotel room,
Where I got me a date with a pretty little girl from Greece.
She promised she’d be there with me,
When I paint my masterpiece.”          Bob Dylan


“Indiana Jones is not walking through that door!” Ok, I paraphrased the quote from then Boston Celtic Coach Rick Pitino, who out of frustration with the local media and fans, blurted out at a press conference, “Larry Bird is not walking through that door.” He was describing the basketball legend coming out of retirement to resurrect a poorly performing team in need of some “divine intervention.” Fictionally, Indiana Jones may have “existed” long ago and during turbulent times when the Nazi’s over-reached the world looking for art and antiquities to sell for cash flow, or to empower their crazy cause, but that doesn’t mean a man of his talents and…

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2 thoughts on “When I Paint My Masterpiece; Art In Dispute….AGAIN!!!!

    • Hello, Phil! It was great to meet you and your wife on the QM2. I hope to start writing agian, and would love to take you on the journey……stay tuned! Dennis (AKA; Zulu Delta)


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