The Time Is Now! 2019 Blogging From A-Z








Welcome Back, Everyone!!!

Hello to my “old” friends, and hello to hopefully my new friends. Once again, I will be entering in the A-Z Blog Challenge. It starts April 1st and runs to Tuesday, April 30th. There is no official blog on Sundays, but you can never tell with ZD45.

Next Monday is April 1st. For the record, I hate all April Fools jokes. Also for the record, Microsoft has banned all April Fools pranks,       

I digress……….which for the record AGAIN, is a continuing (some would say annoying) pattern to this blog!

I will be writing 26 new blogs which will hopefully follow the letters of the Alphabet; well, the English Alphabet which is derived from the Latin Alphabet. If you are looking for a blog following the Phonetic Alphabet, well Bravo Zulu to you, and if you’re looking for something in the Greek or Russian Alphabet; sorry, I’m already plenty illiterate in my native language without taking on a new one.

Did I mention about digressing already? How about now?

As the theme base of this Blog is entitled “Observations Of An Un-Observing World,” I hope to enthrall you with some unadulterated nonsense……or, ….ah, I mean clever observations and stories of mine.

I hope you enjoy. Please submit any and all comments under each blog. 

There is also a section on each blog page or the home page where you can subscribe and you will be the first ones to receive my blog on the day I post it. It will say “Follow This Website; I Want To Observe.”

It’s possible the “second half” of my blogs may be a little shorter than the first half. This is not because I run out of ideas or run out of time to write; which is a distinct possibility. We will just have to see what happens. I’m experimenting with some new blog formats. 

I’m looking forward to April here, and I hope you are as well. 

Zulu Delta


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