Letter I-Inclement vs Inclimate Weather-Part One



As mentioned in this blog before; but I still love it!

Joan talking to God; ” Wow! That’s mad anti-climatic.” And then God said; “It’s anticlimactic! Anti-climatic means you’re against the weather.” TV show Joan of Arcadia

I live in New England; home of the original Mark Twain quote; “If you don’t like the weather in New England; wait a few minutes.”  I love living here. I think to really appreciate it, everyone has to make their own peace with the weather, including the cold and fluctuations of the conditions. That doesn’t mean the weather is not ingrained to be a major sector of our personalities.

Many years back, once again as I walked into my co-op job at Brown University, a young woman came up to me as I walked through the front door of the CIC; ” is it still raining out?” she said. Me; “ah, I’m not sure, I didn’t really notice.” Instantly she exploded; “Didn’t notice! You Didn’t notice……how the hell didn’t you notice; you just came in from outside, where it’s been raining for 2 weeks!” “Wow,” I thought, “rain you say? Really? Working on a college campus is an educational experience!” Maybe it had been raining for a few weeks, but it was in early spring, and life goes on….big deal, so it has been raining. I still have to go to work.

Hours later, I told the story to my brother-in-law “The Wise Pilgrim,” who ventured forth from a far away and strange land and decided to stay in Mecca; Him being from California, and Mecca now being New England. “You have to remember he said, not everyone you meet around here is from here, and the weather can be overwhelming.” He told me that when he first came here, he couldn’t understand why everyone talked about the weather like it was so mysterious and eventful. He told me where they lived in California, weather prediction went like this; look at Hawaii, three days later, that’s our weather.

Another few years back, a new name popped into an old and for many of us civilians, an unrealized weather pattern for the United States; no, it wasn’t the “Bomb Cyclone,” or the “Pineapple Express,” it was El Nino. To some places, it brought even crazier and more unpredictable weather patterns, especially in winter; wind, snow, rain. In the early days of this “realized” phenomenon, a local newspaper quoted a man who was extremely angry, and frustrated by the El Nino weather effects; “Who is this guy ‘Al Nino’ and why does he keep tormenting us?” I thought it was so funny, I instantly re-named a co-worker whose name was Al D’Campo to Al Nino. The name stuck and we still laugh.

So, where are we? Inclement Weather vs. Inclimate weather;

“Inclement Weather” usually refers to severe or harsh weather that is cold and wet.

With help from the Urban Dictionary; Often mistakenly used when the phrase “inclement weather” should be used, the phrase “inclimate weather” actually means “unseasonable weather” due to climate change.

The Al Nino thing got me thinking about the National Weather Service. Before we go any further, lets put this right out there; The National  Weather Service ROCKS!! I mean it! So, what’s a blogger to do?

Duh?! Email the National Weather Service and ask crazy questions………

Stay tuned for Part Two!…..Unless you don’t believe in Science, or you have no curiosity in the “real world,” you will automatically be redirected to the Kardashian Family Home Page.







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