Letter N- NOAA/NWS/NHC……And So On. Part Two







So, many of us have recently just read Letter I-Inclement vs Inclimate Weather-Part One, here on Zulu Delta 45. When thinking so much about the weather recently, I begin to formulate some questions in my head that I would like to ask the National Weather Service.

For those of you reading this and living in Burkina Faso, https://zuludelta45.net/2018/04/02/letter-b-burkina-faso-and-the-simple-answer-to-the-question/  and you Swamp Yankees living deep in South County, Rhode Island, (Not you Stepanie; You live in Greene!), who may not know this; NOAA is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration here in the United States. They are the parent organization for the NWS(National Weather Service), The National Hurricane Center (NHC), and the National Marine Forecast.

With the Weather being more inclement and inclimate, I was wondering if people, in general, would ‘blame the messenger;” that would be the NWS. So, I emailed the NWS and asked a few questions in ZD45 fashion.

1.   Do people contact you and “blame” you for bad weather; because it ruined their picnic or car wash day?

2.  Does anyone every contact you and “Thank you” for the “nice” weather.

3.   Has anyone ever attempted to bribe you for a forecast of their liking (including snowplow drivers and kids hoping to get a “snow day” from school?

4.   Do you have any funny stories you could tell me about working at the NWS?

Glen from the NWS was kind enough to email me back, and he said;

“Of course, we like to remain professional and steer away from humorous anecdotes/funny stories.”  (Yea, that’s the same mentality we take here at ZD45!…..Hahahahahaha!)
“I can, however, vouch for the fact that people have on occasion called to thank us for the nice weather.  Amazingly, I haven’t ever gotten a call from someone blaming us for the bad weather.  However, speaking of car washes, a few decades ago at a former office, we had a car wash complain because even though our forecast was only a 30% chance of rain (70% chance of no rain), the radio stations had stated it as “it’s going to rain later” which affected the car wash business.  Snowplow operators have not tried to bribe us for a forecast they like… but we have, over the years, encountered a few public reports of snowfall that seemed a tad exaggerated (compared to surrounding trained weather spotters’ reports and cooperative observers’ reports) and we discovered that the reports were from snowplow operators.”

Trying not to state the obvious, weather can be a very serious thing that completely stresses people out. With all the insanity in this world, it’s good to hear that people have not taken out their anxiety on an amazing organization that strives to help us.

For the record, that doesn’t mean the world is getting less insane.


5 thoughts on “Letter N- NOAA/NWS/NHC……And So On. Part Two

  1. Thanks for the mention. During snow storms we usually fall into the category of the northwest part of the state forecast rather than the forecast for Kent County. I thought you might appreciate this small tidbit.

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