Letter O- OH….I forgot O???


Roger Williams Park, Temple To Music. Providence, Rhode Island. Passed by during a full moon bike ride while a free outdoor concert was in progress. 

This blog is not a “Letter Gimmick” because I couldn’t think of any other word for O. About two months ago, I started to compose a list. The list would be titles and subjects for my A-Z blogs. I have been working through that list. About 5 minutes ago, I went to retrieve the Letter O subject and didn’t find one. As a matter of fact, not only did I not find the letter subject, but I didn’t even find the letter O on the list. Wow; my fall to complete illiteracy is now complete; I can’t even write down the ABD’s, BCD’s anymore….ah…whatever! 

So, I did notice that “we” are halfway through this year’s A-Z blog challenge, and because the Letter O has given me a chance to stop and reflect, I thought I would throw out some random bike blog ideas.

  • Electric Bikes-People who ride electric bikes are not “cheaters!” One amazing thing about the rising popularity of E-Bikes is that it has given many people the physical ability to get back to an activity they love; riding a bike. “The spirit is willing, but the body is weak.” Not so much anymore. The future is looking brighter.
  • The bike world is not entirely filled with Cement Heads. Their stories just make me laugh more. True story; a Cement Head suddenly noticing a 100′ arch sculpture that we have been riding past almost every Saturday in the summer for the last two years; “hey, when did ‘they’ put that arch there?” “1952! Get off that bike and look around now!”
  • Despite proofreading some blogs 48 “gazillion” times, the misspelled word or synonym will not be detected until 3 seconds after the blog is officially published online!  For the record, the word “gazillion” does not raise any flags in my present editing software. 
  • Carbon Fiber bikes, like Carbon Fiber sails (yes, they are real) are not always evil, or decadent, or obnoxiously excessive. To each their own, and if that’s what you want, good luck to you. Ride in health, sail in health. Live in health. Enjoy!
  • Cold Bike Fusion………remember that name! 
  • In Rhode Island, wearing headphones/earbuds while driving a car is illegal. I know this first hand. The same law applies to headphones while riding a bike. Just so you know; it is also illegal in Rhode Island to throw pickle juice on a trolley. Hey, I don’t make the laws, I just blog about them.

Well, let’s continue on with the second half of the A-Z Blog Challenge. Enjoy the stories, and observations, not to mention the spelling and grammar mistakes!

Zulu Delta

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