Letter X- Ex (X) Runners


Facemasks we’re once used for protection against the cold. Zulu on the run!


There is a joke; “what do you call an ex-runner? Answer? A cyclist!”

Yes, a joke, and no joke whatsoever. Let’s start with this; running is VIOLENT for the body! I’ve met many cyclists who tell me they are “ex-runners” They loved running, and would love to be out there doing it again, but the activity is just too tough on their bodies, so they have switched to cycling.

As many of you know, and many of those who don’t, not all cyclists are the same. In simple means, bike personalities can be broken down by the loose association of the bikes they ride. Let’s take a look by my observations alone of the more dominant in the groups

Road Bikes. In general, these guys seem to be the most visible. Not only do you have the professionals who ride in the Tour De France on TV, as well as those you see slugging it up to the ski areas in Little and Big Cottonwood Canyons in Utah, but you see many riding along the roads in your neighborhoods. This group is generally in love with mileage, average speed, and heart rate with the ability to eat a 20 pound steak and still look toothpick thin. This group has the most ex-runners.

Mountain Bikes. These guys are the “Bike Jedi’s” of the cycling world. They are normally hidden out of sight, but WOW, are they powerful. I went on a “beginner” ride in the conservation area with them once. They ripped through the woods, jumped over logs and streams, raced up hills, and over rocks. It was a lot of fun and when I was done, every bone and muscle in my body was chattering. When the group was finished and loading up our bikes at the trailhead, another group was preparing to “go out” literally into the night. There was a quiet hush over our group and the best rider, staring over at the intermediate/advanced group said; “Those guys; they ride the toughest trails, at night, with headlamps, and boy, do they fly!” I can barely imagine.

Touring Bikes. These guys would be the “freight trains” of cycling. The people on touring bikes may not have the “flash” of the guys on the road bikes, but don’t underestimate them. They are STRONG! Off the bike, many of them are runners, hikers, and mountain climbers (some all at the same time). On the bike, they are riding their bikes across the United States, and around the world. Did I mention that not only are some of them riding 50-100 miles a day, but they are carrying everything they need from a toothbrush to their tent! There is one great Youtube channel I love to watch; Ryan Van Duzer (JM-zip it!) He does a lot of great bike touring which is more and more popular these days. Check him out;  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCtUQp9aISc

Hybrid Bikes. These are the “multi-tool” bikes. What a beautiful machine. Road biking, mountain biking, city biking, touring, traveling, exploring; they can do it all. Just thinking about the versatility makes me want to go out and buy one. The people riding these bikes are also the most diverse, which makes them beautiful as well.

Cargo Bikes. Messenger Bikes (single speed), Work Bikes, Bike Rickshaws. Many of these guys seem on the fringe, but they have the legs and hearts of Lions! Katie; who had her own rickshaw bike once told me; ” I was hauling around tourists all day; from noon to midnight. I was beat, but when I got home and had something to eat, and a quick rest, all I wanted to do was go out and ride some more.”


What do you call a cyclist who doesn’t look like a cyclist? Answer; A cyclist!



3 thoughts on “Letter X- Ex (X) Runners

  1. I currently rock a pink Schwinn beach cruiser! And a Nutcase helmet Michael calls the “ugliest helmet” he has ever seen. I remind him, I you SEE it, you don’t hit it. But I must admit, I look like Miss Gulch from Wizard of Oz.

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