Big News on Zulu Delta 45!!!!!













Hello Everyone,

Big Zulu Delta News today!

I am going to try “something new.”  I am going to be attempting to write more often on a different scale. It’s my intention to write one new blog that will be published every other week. I would like to carry this through next year at least. The new blogs will be published on Wednesdays. The first one starts tomorrow.

In a related note, with a little disappointment, I will not be writing in this year’s April A-Z Blog Challenge. If I do the challenge, I wind up writing by schedule 26 Blogs. This is enough to carry me into next year alone publishing every other week. I like the Blog challenge, but April is a difficult and very busy time around a power plant, and trying to get out all my blogs can be stressful.

For the future, I am hoping to do more interviews. There are so many interesting people out there with some unique perspectives and keen observations.

I am also looking for some more reader participation. I’m hoping to get more short comments, cool pictures, and clever insight as to something the readers “Observed.” It could be a lot of fun.

I hoping there are a few surprises and additions along the way.


Zulu Delta

Additional Notes; How do you search for something on my website? Go to the homepage and enter the search words in the search box.


How do I follow your blog site and get emails automatically? Again, on the HOME PAGE, scroll down on the right until you see the worlds; Follow this Website- I want to observe. Click the “follow” button. 

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