Things Found, But Not Lost

The human race is constantly searching. We search, looking to find clarity, peace, truth, justice, and inner harmony.

This blog is about none of those things.

It’s about physical, carbon-packed, atom-bonded, hold in your hands items; not including all those cute little, rain-soaked, homeless kittens, I see people rescuing on Facebook more and more frequently.

One day recently, I opened the kitchen cabinet to get some salt. In a “Zulu Instant,” I instead bypassed the salt and reached for the small jar of Mrs. Dash; a “salt substitute,” and a blog idea was born. I began to think about a few items that I found in my life and added their distinctiveness to my own without me consciously seeking them out. Let’s look at a few of them.

1. Mrs. Dash. When I bought my last sailboat, I expected there to be lots of equipment that came with the boat that I did not pick out; brand of sails, type of anchor, a model of radio, etc. What I didn’t expect was the last remnant of the previous owner’s galley set up; a lone half-used bottle of Mrs. Dash. I never really thought about it much but on more than one occasion, when in need of any type of spice for my onboard culinary cuisine, I would reach for the bottle and add it to my cooking. Many years later in the spice aisle, while contemplating why saffron was the most expensive spice in the store, I saw a bottle of Mrs. Dash. I decided to buy it. At the time, I can still hear my father say; “go easy on the salt, you’ll get hardening of the arteries.” Of course, he also used to crack us up when he would say a person had “super-fluid of the clapboards,” but those are medical adventures for another time. My niece also said to me recently ” Uncle Zulu, you put salt on that before you even tasted it.” I don’t know if using Mrs. Dash will reap health benefits for me in the future, but salt is so prevalent in food, and excessive use harmful, that a little “Dash,” can’t be a bad thing.                     

 2. Cowboy Junkies. Also left on the sailboat was one lone (seeing a pattern) cassette tape of Cowboy Junkies “Black Eyed Man.” At the time, I had never heard of them but came to love their music. One day I fell asleep on the boat and dreamed I was called up on stage to sing with them. Thank God it was only a dream, as I would have wrecked and shortened their careers. This cassette led to my future appreciation of their art; music and lyrics including the song “I’ll see you around” from a different album.

“But as you make your advances so clumsily
I’ll save us both the hassle and leave
Hang out all night
In the familiar fluorescent light of Dunkin’ Donuts”

Well, how are you with issues?
Lately, you’ve been a half-assed activist
You’ve been seen sashaying around the picket line
Wearing scarcely any sign

3. The Longest Day. A week after I bought my house, I was wandering around looking at a lot of things leftover from the previous owner; Mrs. B, and her son, my good friend Comrad Baris. I came across a copy of the book “The Longest Day;” the historical events surrounding the World War Two, D-Day invasion of Normandy France. It was an amazing, horrifying, brilliant, and most of all, gallant depiction of the brave men AND woman including the “French Underground” who sacrificed so much for the world. I read the whole thing in a short time, and think about it often. Some day I hope to make the visit to Normandy. When I do, you can count on some blog postings here. 

Dwelling into the “cosmic realm,” I do wonder; “do we find things; or do things find us?”

At the bottom of each blog post, there is a section where you can leave a comment/reply to the post. Please leave a reply and let “us” know if you have ever “found” anything that made an impact on your own life. We would love to hear about it.

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