Occam’s Razor Slit My………….

Definition of Occam’s razor…From Webster’s

A scientific and philosophical rule that entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily which is interpreted as requiring that the simplest of competing theories be preferred to the more complex or that explanations of unknown phenomena be sought first in terms of known quantities

Summed up again; the simplest answer is most likely the correct answer.

Here’s what happened. At the end of my last bike ride and subsequent post, I stopped at the local convenience store to get some chocolate milk. I pulled out some cash, paid, and was on my way. Sometimes when I ride my bike, I take my debit or credit card in case I need some emergency purchase or repair to get back home. I had taken it that day. Later that evening, I went to use my card and did not find it in my zippered pocket where I was sure I had secured it.

I retraced my steps; twice. The store, the road through the library, my street. Everywhere I thought I had been since that afternoon. Nothing. Feeling devastated, I had to go back out to pick up something at the market. As I was stepping into my car, in an absolute stroke of luck. I saw my debit card laying in the driveway near where I had rested my bike against the house when I got home. YESSSSSS!!

Next, I picked up my card and rested it on top of my phone clenched tight in my hand so I could return it to my wallet. I heard the shutter sound of the camera but didn’t think much of it at the time. I looked down and noticed the camera was on the “turn around selfie setting,” and it had taken a picture of me. Nothing unusual there.

The next day I went to check out “something” that had been in the back of my mind since the day before. I re-conducted a similar situation (NO….I didn’t ride my bike around the library 20 more times looking for a small piece of plastic in the Autumn leaves!). My debit card was placed on the phone screen, the selfie mode was activated and the “view” was of the debit card (so I thought) and me in the background. I clicked the shutter button……..and a digital picture appeared. OH MY GOD……what just happened? That is so cool! My over-active imagination went into overdrive. Did you see that? The camera took a picture of me, but omitted the debit card!! OH MY!! I was beside myself. There was no stopping……….I began to think the debit card had “special security characteristics.” It had special chip functions to stop fraud, theft, and un-authorized trips to Wendys (OK, that last one might have been authorized). I couldn’t believe that even the black strip in the translucent card would not have shown up in the picture. I had to know more……I was thinking of bypassing Google and go straight for the phone call to the bank fraud hotline to decern what was really going on here. 

Let’s pause my hysteria for a moment. For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know I work as a technician in a modern power plant. I am no stranger to high tech and modern equipment; and that may have been where the train “jumped the tracks.”

SPOILERS (as the British LOVE to say)! There was NO magic, no high-tech crypto voodoo, no super-secret tricks that only the Bank and Myself knew about (which I then would have babbled to you in a mind-altering sensational blog). No, it turns out I’m just an idiot!

The screen on the phone in selfie mode was showing me. It did not show the debit card, because the debit card was just resting on the phone screen; NOT on the camera lens, and everyone knows if “something” is not in the view of the camera lens, it does not come out on the print, or card, or digital view screen. The camera lens is not in the middle of the view screen but in the upper left corner of the phone.

SIMPLE. Occams Razor just slit my…………

In all my years’ troubleshooting, I have developed some decent skills. One important thing I can tell you; “just because the problem your working on is associated with high-tech, sophisticated, intricate equipment, that doesn’t mean the solution has to be complex, sophisticated, and intricate.” Sometimes the problem is the cord is unplugged, the lightbulb is burned out, and the water is just not turned on.


Tune in next time as I debunk the mystery that the sound “some” may hear at the window is not really the wind, but a haunted and trapped soul trying to escape an inter-dimensional rift with my help.

2 thoughts on “Occam’s Razor Slit My………….

  1. Good one, Zulu.. reminds me of the time I was at a sidewalk cafe, trying to be cool (or at least appear competent) with a new date. It’s COVID, so the menu is accessible only via QR code on the phone, and – I’m cool – I have that. So I load the app and place the phone over the ‘code’ we’ve been handed… nothing. I move it around…. nothing. I pick up the phone and look at it, quizzically. My lady friend says “Let me try”, takes my phone, FLIPS IT OVER SO THE CAMERA LENS IS FACING THE CODE, NOT THE SCREEN, and of course the menu appears. On the screen. Duh.


  2. I love it. Your ending brings to mind my friend Kim. She had bought a new computer and had me come set it up for her. (As a note she has 6 dogs.). A couple of weeks later she calls me and says the computer is not working. The first thing I ask her, “Is it plugged in?” She says yes so I run over there. I get under the computer and behold the plug in the back of the computer was out. Apparently, the dogs go under the desk when she leaves the door open. To this day, she thinks I am a magician.


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