Big, Big News! New Cycling Website!!!

Biking in Norway. Meeting new bike friends!

It’s time……….It’s here……FINALLY!!!

 And now, some big news. A while back, at the conclusion of the 2020 A-Z Blog Challenge, I announced a new blog site. I will continue to keep and write on my Zulu Delta 45- Observations Of An Un-Observing World website……however, I will be publishing with a new website as well; Cold Bike Fusion.

I hope it will resemble a lot of what I have been writing about with Zulu Delta 45, along with more bike pictures and videos, and hopefully fewer spelling mistakes, and with new editing software. The new site will be more concrete cycling and adventure stories, and less whimsical observations. Sometimes the two sites will overlap.

The new cycling website will start off with a series/ multi-blog posts about me riding my bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles this past September, for a charity fundraiser, for the Arthritis Foundation; The California Coast Classic Bike Tour.

Make sure to wander through the menus on the HOME Page. You’ll find more information and stories, as well as places to ride, and Tech Talk (coming in the future).

There is even a section that will allow you to contribute a brief section of your own bike adventure.

I hope you’ll support my new site as much as you have supported my ZD-45. You don’t have to choose between one or the other! If there is something you wish to see covered or discussed, please let me know.

If you click and read the first Blog Post, you will find a section to leave a comment at the bottom. Please do.

There will also be a menu on the home page that will allow you to subscribe to the new Website and you will be notified when a new post is published.

The email for the new site will be

I can’t wait to show you,

Zulu Delta

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