Reunion; LIFE IS A ROCK; but the radio rolled me!

A2Z-2013-BADGE-001Small_zps669396f9life-is-a-rockWhoa….the billions of calls, emails, tweets, texts……’s been overwhelming. O.K. maybe I inflated the numbers a little bit…..maybe. Why not? American Idol does it all the time.  There is one bit of truth in this; my post “Jukebox from Hell,” was popular. Not necessarily in the amount of views; “HELLO…quality, not quantity,” but for the enthusiasm it brought out in people; almost like the musical “elephant in the room.”  

So now we deviate just a bit. I want to leave you with somebody else’s creative work. Why? Because art is meant to be shared, but most importantly; it’s fun! First there is Reunion; a group of studio musicians who gave us the original song in 1974, then there are all the names of singers and groups who gave us the actual music, and while we are at it, let’s thank the man who gave us the YouTube version.

Now here’s the thing; I don’t want all you guys just watching the video; open the full screen, x-out the ads, and  I want you to do your best to sing along with it………out loud!! Keep playing it until you can get the whole first verse!

The clothes in the early 70’s were scary, but the music was so much fun!

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