“Come on a safari with me….”

Mt. Herman Towers Above Mt. Baker Ski AreaHey Guys,

I have decided to go on a “ski safari” in the Pacific Northwestern part of the United States. Besides skiing on some volcanos, I will be adding some very short and hopefully amusing observations from the road. Stay tuned!!

Thanks for all the recent views and comments on Pete Seeger.  It was a very popular blog. Final thoughts on Pete; aside from everything that has been said and written, my personal respect comes from the fact that as an American, and a U. S Army veteran, he was charged with contempt of Congress………CONGRESS!!??? When was the last time Congress was charged with contempt of America?

The Mt Baker ski area in Washington holds the record for the most amount of  snow for one season in the United States; 1,140 inches…….not exactly a dusting,

Hang on to your electrons………Zulu Delta will return!!

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