grapesA2Z-BADGE-000 [2014]Brace yourself for blasphemy. Lately when I get the craving for something sweet, I would rather reach for grapes than chocolate! I’m so ashamed!

It started recently when I came across some large green seedless grapes at the market. I took them home, and in defiance to what my brother (Gerry Delta) is constantly telling me about food preservation (time and temperature), I put them in a bowl, and placed them on the counter. I don’t know why I didn’t just get some string and lash them to my belt, because like the old potato chip ad says, ” you can’t eat just one!” This had been going on for a few weeks when one day I was in this massive local meat market and accidentally stumbled across the section that didn’t have either meat, or potatoes; not even sure what they call that section. Veggggersss, veg-ervers, vatagebles…….WHATEVER! Mixed in with some “green stuff,” I saw this package of what turned out to be globe grapes that are mostly grown in California, and Australia but exported to Asia because the Americans prefer the seedless grapes. They were the size of golf balls. They had seeds, but that only added to my grapesume (grape resume). I put them in my cart, and was rolling away to the checkout when this woman stopped me, pointed to the grapes, and screamed out “oh my God, where did you get those?” I told her, and watched her smile beam as she ran off; although not so much excitement from her husband. As soon as I got to my car in the parking lot, I broke open the grapes: they were incredible; juicy, sweet, and delicious. As I drove out of the lot, I approached the woman I had just seen in the market. I stopped, and told her these were the best grapes I ever had. She squealed with excitement. Her husband? Not so much.

In an odd sense of remembrance (although nothing too odd for the blogs of ZD45), I began to recall my other dealings with seeded fruits, and vegetables (told you I could say it). Khan Of The Seeds if you will. There were the days living in Boston as a small kids planting our watermelon seeds in the front bushes in the shade of the foundation thinking “we” would be rolling in watermelons any day now. Hey, what can I say? We were city kids. They only thing we knew about agriculture, was that sometimes we could find glass bottles in the high grass in the park, and bring them to the store for the penny deposit so we could buy chocolate. There was also the time I sat with Margaret, a.k.a, Chairman Mow on a bench in Austria eating ……you guessed it, chocolate. I got up and walked to the fence and accomplished a small ” task.” I came back to the bench and Chairman Mow said to me; “were you over there littering this beautiful place?” Of course not I said. When I went in the store to buy the chocolate, there were packages of apple seeds (which by the way contain cyanide, so don’t eat a million of them), so I bought a few packages and thought I would plant them in the public park in case “someone” wanted a break from chocolate in a few years!

She’s still shaking her head. Anyone surprised?

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