Hero Takes A Fall; Episode 37

power-outage-sA2Z-BADGE-000 [2014]For the record; I’ve gone down in flames a million times! By that, I mean I’ve done all kinds of stupid things, and I’m not talking about behavior, I’m talking about just plain ol’ dumb! Why do I say that? It seems we now live in a world where so many never want to admit their mistakes, or shortcomings. It’s never ever land. “Nobody is EVER wrong.  Politics is famous for this. Truth be told, as much as I hate to admit it, in one aspects, the politicians have it tough. Every single word they utter out of their mouths is analyzed, and pounced on by all their critics. Of course their love affair with revisionist history is commonplace, and the lies…..or ah I mean spin episodes….or ah explanations are standard operating procedure.

Sometimes working with technology is refreshing. The majority of the time “things” either work, or they don’t. There is no spin, backtracking, of side stepping the problem; either the light goes on, or it doesn’t, and if it doesn’t, it still has to be repaired. Working at a power station, one of the worst errors you can make is if you “trip the plant off-line.” The generator shuts down, and there is no power produced and sent out to the electric gird. This might be through “operator error,” or a failure of plant systems beyond your limitations. One time, Woody was working with J. R. and they tripped the plant off-line. Realizing what he did, Woody made the march of shame up to the control room, walked in, and took sole responsibility of the action; holding his hand up high so nobody  would be blamed unfairly, he proclaimed ” that was us, we did it, that was us!” Woody was always a stand up guy, but what always made the story so funny when we would retell it was, at the time of the trip, there were only 3 guys present on the entire site, and two of them were standing side by side working on the Generator Excitation Controller for the gas turbine. No need to own up Woody; we’re all pretty sure of what happened, but thanks for the laugh.

Of course, “tripping off-line.” is not new. All our lives, my father would always tell my brothers, and sisters  the epic disastrous episodes of his childhood friend’s brother; Stevie B. All the stories started out “Ah, geeze, poor Stevie B!” The majority of the stories usually ended up with Stevie’s employment termination. The fun part, of this particular story is that no matter which brother or sister you’re driving with past that  particular power plant in Boston, you have to say “it” out loud “Ah, geeze, poor Stevie B. Back in the 50’s, he was working there one night, and threw the wrong switch; knocked out half the lights of Boston. Ah geeze!”

From what we can tell, Stevie B never outright owned up to any of his more colorful indiscretions, but as is the case with things gone astray, most people already know the truth.

Top Secret……..stay tuned for some of my epic errors.



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