When Is The End Not The End? When It’s Not!

How does a writer “write” music without using musical notes? If I wanted some dramatic music that is universally understood to portray an ominous situation on the way; like the music to JAWS, but with words, how would it go?   “Dun Dant……….Dun Dant…………Dun Dant, Dun Dant, Dun Dant……….ARRRGGGHHH!!!

Hello; I’m back!!

Yes, it’s really me; Zulu Delta; rested, replenished, and full of not only crazy ideas, brilliant observations, and digital ink, but the will to continue writing. Let’s recap. Yes, it has been a few months since I completed the April A-Z Blog Challenge, and nothing has been written since. That’s OK with me.

To borrow a quote, of a borrowed quote I found written on the first page of the bicycle repair reference “Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance” as taken from Dr. Who; “First things first; but not necessarily in that order!”

Thanks to all my family, friends, and most of all, readers who read, replied, and supported ZD45 during April. The fact that I finished turned out to be much more of a literal and personal challenge than I would ever have imagined. Without boring blogger details, writing ZD45 takes far more time than one may think. Besides the obvious time consuming task of writing and editing (which is compounded by sleep deprivation, and includes incorrect grammar for your reading pleasure), it’s the time to research topics, and frame the story. As Anno Domani once stated; “it’s a lot harder to compose a well-written short story than it is to write a long story. Even if I could “write on forever” like James Joyce, who has time to read that much “recreational literature” anyway? April turned out to be an extremely busy month. My duties at the “Mine” (my food producing/mortgage paying day job) coincidently in April, sometimes kept me going 7 days a week with some very long and wearing tasks. On more than one occasion, I seriously considered “retiring” from the A-Z Challenge. There were a few days arriving at work when the first question from co-workers who read the blog was, “where did you get the time, and energy to write that blog last night?” Knowing what I know now, I would have done my some homework, and writing far more in advance; maybe. According to the “D” Blog, http://zuludelta45.net/2014/04/04/drivers-wanted-but-dont-actually-drive/  I probably would not have.

So what kept me going? Was it the determination to finish what I started? Absolutely NOT! I have found through observation of course, that the human characteristics of determination and obsession are commonly interchanged with terrible results. When troubleshooting, a crucial skill of a good technician is knowing when to breathe deep and summon all your patience, and when to immediately drop everything, and walk away. I can’t tell you how many times a problem that got unresolved after hours of frustrating anguish were instantly, and magically resolved upon  return to the task after a “night off.”  Not finishing the blog would have been just common sense; exhaustion trumps pride.

What did keep me going were the excited comments in writing, and in person from “followers” who had read something I wrote, and it sparked a memory that they couldn’t wait to tell me about. The greatest excitement seemed to come from the blog on S&H Green Stamps. https://zuludelta45.net/2014/04/22/sh-green-stamps/  For those old enough, and the remaining entire planet who received an iron, vacuum, baseball glove, or gift, other than me, the endorphin overload generated from the story was glorious! These are the ties that bind.

So, I now hope to continue my writing with a little more regularity. I have some ideas that I am very excited to blog about. I hope you continue to read.

Thanks so much,

Zulu Delta



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