Letter X- ……….X Blogger!


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Blame it on my Nephew and Nadia! I had a complete blog ready to write for the letter X. Instead, they called and texted me to go have ……..you guessed it……Chinese food, with them tonight. In a MSG-driven haze, Aziz told me all about Big Brother and how the internet spies on us. Actually being his older uncle, and a complete whack-job, I was very aware of all this anyway, but I am just so proud of him!

We all decided in mock protest, I need to go “Off The Grid”………well, for one day anyway.

Besides, I have to start “weaning” you guys off ZD45 a little bit because after the letter “Z,” the frequency of my blogs will diminish. A day I’m sure you’re all looking forward to ……….

See you for Letter Y!


X- blogger…

Zulu Delta

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