Letter Y- Youth Hostels And Other Places For My Time Machine To Go!

A2Z-BADGE 2016-smaller_zpslstazvibNo, I’m sorry if I peaked your interest too much. This post will not be a “flat-out” discussion about time machines and time travel, although don’t hold me to that, because “anything” could happen with ZD45 in the span of a few sentences. I mean, after all, maybe it was all about time travel and I’ve gone back 2 hours and re-written things?

Well, before things really go astray, let’s see if we can move forward.

Recently on my “ski train” trip, I was looking out the window as the train pulled into some random station on our way. I looked up and saw a very cool looking building. Staring a little closer, I saw two young woman sitting in a big plate-glass window sipping a hot drink as they looked out on the very snowy landscape. Continuing to stare, as we pulled out of the station, I noticed a simple wooden sign; Hostel.

Immediately, my mind began to wander. Not surprisingly, this happens often. I began to wonder what it would have been like if I was younger and backpacking all over Europe. I see the kids, I hear the laughs, I sense the excitement of the adventure they’re on. This daydreaming is not limited to travel. I get the same feeling when I see the young kids working at the ski areas; slinging burgers, shoveling lifts, driving the shuttle bus; all for the chance to make a little cash, have some fun, and ski their asses off for free.

This is not something new. I remember being a young guy myself and seeing the kids my age moving through the train stations and parks. To be honest, when I was younger, I don’t think it quite occurred to me to go back packing with my friends or take a job as a “liftie” at the ski resort. Though I didn’t quite know it at the time, I was more in a parallel universe doing “other things.”

This is not about regret for lost youth, although to best sum it up, we quote Mark Twain; “Youth is wasted on the Young.” No, it’s more like being in Ben & Jerry’s looking at all the great ice cream choices and you can’t decide. Sometimes I think to myself (when I’m not thinking to my blog), and wonder why I didn’t backpack or take the resort job when I was younger. OH YEA I remember; because after a semester at college, I joined the U.S. Navy at 18 years old, and I was out moving around the world on a different type of amazing adventure. Let’s face it, everyday on a ship is not filled with excitement and thrill; usually the opposite, but the fact that I served 4 years active, and 1 year in the reserves, I have more than a few stories and memories of my own. What good is regret anyway?

I’m not just fortunate to have done so many things, but fortunate to snap out of my present day dreaming to realize that back in “this universe” I’m traveling on the same train with all these kids, except I have my own compartment versus being jammed in with 5 other kids, and I am still out in the world, going on an adventure; be it a very cool trip, or skiing my ass off without having to work the lift line.

I don’t think I want to stay in a room with 30 bunk beds when I travel. but I do want to leave you with some cool ideas for Youth Hostels and one unique hotel in Costa Rica. I have not been to these places, but I am young at heart, and who knows what the future may bring.

Blankets and Pillows are supplied; Friends and laughs available on request.







sky backpack

costa rica

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