Letter Z-Zulu Delta!

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So, here we are at the end of the 2016 A-Z Blog Challenge. It may be a “literary convenience” that my blog name can be used at the final post letter, but I just thing is “literary serendipity.”

First and foremost, I just want to thank all my family and friends who out of extreme fear that I’ll quiz them on the topic of my daily blog, endure the madness, absurdity, spelllllllling mistakes, and nonsense of ZD45, as they continue to read out of self-preservation.

Second, I want to thank not only my family and friends who continue to read and support me on a strictly voluntary basis, but all the new “blog friends” who I’ve picked up along the way.

To John Hirshon, who made traveling on the ski train and making movies so much fun.

As each year I have done this challenge, it has become just that, a challenge. I had to write a lot more “on the fly” and then post them versus having a few blogs prewritten. It is a little exhausting, but worth it , and I’m glad I finished.

I wanted to leave you a few thoughts. One of the coolest things about writing, is when I get an idea to write, and then type it up. Sometimes I think; wow, nobody will read this, but more importantly, nobody will understand me. Yea, that happens, but the coolest surprises often come out of nowhere when I do make a connection with others who had the same idea, or experience, or thought process. So……..

Letter A- Arctic Circle- John, a long time reader makes a teasing comment about me saying “semi-imaginary lines” on the globe. I met him on the street during a bike ride the other night, and we had a great laugh about writing and reading blogs. If I said they were imaginary, people would say how do you know that they’re there? If I said they’re real, people would say “how come I can’t see them?”

Letter B- Biking the world. Wina, a big supporter makes the great comment; There is a name for people who pedal their ass all over town….Prostitutes!

Letter C- Chinese Food. I had several people comment, how like me, they stumbled upon the greatest meal during their unplanned trip to the Chinese restaurant.

Letter D- Double Dutch. At the very last-minute, I changed up the blog and included a random note and video of kids jump roping. People loved it, and long time follower Beth chimes in, and told us a little known fact; she attended a Double Dutch championship at the Hartford Civic Center as a young girl…..Very Cool Beth!!

Letter E….”In which we meet AJ Vosse from “Ouch My Back Hurts.”          

 Letter G- Chris puts the IFAW tiger picture up on the large screen in the control room at work and everybody marvels at the beauty and power of the big cat. Great job to IFAW for continuing to save, and protect animals. http://www.ifaw.org/united-states

Letter H- “In which we meet M Denise C” writing about Ernest Hemingway.

Letter J- Martha Reynolds, https://marthareynoldswrites.com/ who inspired me to join the A-Z challenge, cracks me up with “But did it hurt when you jumped?”

Letter M- Suddenly out of nowhere, I am excessively dreading the thought of writing the “Letter M” blog I had originally planned. I changed it to the Man Cave theme and had a blast writing and re-reading it.

Letter O- I am constantly trying to shorten the blog post, so I left out my favorite part about phone booths, but was rescued by Terri who added how sometime you would get your money back, or as a kid, how you would sometime win the “kid lottery” and find some coins in the return slot.

Letter R- Years ago, in this very blog, I threaten to use more of my own pictures and videos. This year, my “dream is coming true.”

Letter T- The memory flood gates opened up for this one with so many fun stories of readers bunk beds.

I may take a “little time off,” but I hope to write again soon, and I hope you continue to read.

Thanks again,

Zulu Delta

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