Burning Bridges…..or NOT!

2017 Participation Badge!


  1. Question; When is a war movie not a “war movie?” Answer; When it’s an “anti-war” movie!!
  2. When the theme song to the Clint Eastwood/ Telly Savalas/ Donald Sutherland  classic movie Kelly’s Heroes was written by Mike Curb of the “on the surface”obscure musical group Mike Curb Congregation, but upon further examination turns out to be a massive name in music production, recording, and performing.
  3. When Zulu Delta never meant to “burn any bridges at all”………..
  4. When April is almost here, and I want to once again participated in the A-Z blog challenge.
  5. When; whoever sends me a note, or comment, request for nonsense, or “Electronic-Literary-Restraining Order”…..(sssshhh, I just made that up.) will be written up in a future blog…….


And then the crowd went wild!!! Zulu! Zulu!! Zulu!!!

CAN YOU STAND IT???……yea, me neither…..

My grammar skills were always shaky, but my imagination is burning up and ready to go! I hope you come along for the ride.

3 thoughts on “Burning Bridges…..or NOT!

  1. Bring it on! I’m in!
    For the letter “M”, do a post about Jimmy Buffett’s opening Margaritaville nursing homes!


  2. Dennis,

    Thank you for giving all of us yet another reason to look forward to springtime!!! Can’t wait to read what comes out of your brain this time – it is always interesting, amusing and most of all, pure Dennis – I can always hear you speaking when I read your words.

    The offer is still there, if you need a proofreader. I am excellent when it comes to confidentiality and would take a vow of silence, for fear of death, for you!

    T xx



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