No Faking Your Love

Hey Guys,

In preparation for the April 2017 A-Z Blog Challenge, I thought I would dust off the cob webs of my website as well as my writing and publishing skills (or lack thereof), and throw out some quick observations for the next few weeks leading up to the challenge……Literary Spring Training…if you would…..Enjoy. Zulu Delta



If “we” were lucky in childhood, some of the manners our parents tried to instill in us, sunk in and stuck. One of the “rules” was that if you were a guest for dinner at someone’s house, you had to eat whatever was served. If things went well, it was some dish we never had, but found out we liked; stuffed pepper comes to mind. On the big downside; it was LIVER…..any kind of liver. Let’s just say I don’t like it; and I mean seriously dislike it!. What a great waste of onions! I can still smell it. I can still taste it, and can still feel the leather texture in my mouth. Actually, let me stop typing while I go “get sick.”

My point is, to me, there are three foods that people seem to either love or hate but nothing in-between. Liver is first on the list.

Number Two; Black Liquorice. Every child knows that this is a “candy” that only kids born during the Great Depression could like, because it was better than licking molasses off the wood planks of the moonshine still down in the coal cellar. It may also be a special treat invented by God so that parents would every once in a while come home and find that not “every” piece of candy brought into the house was eaten……again.

Number Three; Fruit Cake. “Really????” See number Two, and “don’t make me come over there!!!!” 

Please don’t comment that I have never had “great liver, cooked right, great cake, baked right, or gourmet Liquorice!” You know who you are. I may be in “food therapy” for years (add smart comments here).







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