Stairway To Kevin’s

Hey Guys,

In preparation for the April 2017 A-Z Blog Challenge, I thought I would dust off the cob webs of my website as well as my writing and publishing skills (or lack thereof), and throw out some quick observations for the next few weeks leading up to the challenge……Literary Spring Training…if you would…..Enjoy. Zulu Delta


You see, the coolest part about “being” Zulu Delta, is that I’m not just some crazy whack-job sitting at my computer, with leather slippers on, pumping out crazy blogs about who knows what crazy stuff………that would be insane……so let’s be honest; I don’t own any leather slippers. The “other” stuff we can talk about at a later time. No, the coolest part is to be out among the world; discovering, observing, finding anything and everything.

Sometimes all those things in the world are right down the street from my home. I have driven by the house in the above picture a “million” times and never noticed the stairs, or what I suspect was once the way up to a tree house. I have lived here on and off for quite sometime.  They’re near a busy on and off road to the highway, so looking up and over can be quite a hazard, not to mention that the stairs are covered in leaves most of the year. The other day, as I sat in stopped traffic, I looked up, and what a surprise I got!

Beside the novelty of the “find,” what cracks me up the most is how robust the stairs and stringers are. I have walked down into many cellars, and up to the top floors of “three-deckers,” and have not enjoyed the safe journey that these tree stairs seem to offer, as dilapidated as they may appear.

I mentioned this discovery to Big Q at work, and in my enthusiasm, I commented, that I still wasn’t sold on the tree house idea due to the location and closeness to the street. Nonchalantly, he said “who cares! This is Rhode Island; if they fall out of the tree, and get hit by a car…… or not, they can still sue!”

Hang tight Kevin!




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