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Like many people, I have different modes of TV watching. To name a few; sometimes I’m the guy who waits for his favorite show to return the next week, or checks out the movie I want to see, but other times, it’s just that I want to be distracted from the millions of ideas running amok in my own head. Oddly enough, I often find myself making more mental notes about the situations that I see repeated on TV that crack me up. I had mentioned some of these before in a previous blog, Aloha…….From The Medical Examiner’s Office! so let’s run down my latest observations.

1. THE HOUSE OR APARTMENT. This idea has been pointed out many times in TV land, so we’ll skip the part about how the characters can’t afford the apartment or house they’re in. The aspect that gets me, is how the main character always has the BEST house or apartment while the co-stars often have to live with their parents, take on crazy roommates, or essentially live under the bridge. What makes me laugh is how 3 people can work the same exact job and the co-stars have such variations in living conditions with no TV evidence of gambling nor substance addictions, or the inability to manage money. Hmmmmmm……..

2. The next problem is; The SWAT TEAM. Why is it that the main characters on police shows get to storm in to dangerous situations “toe to toe” alongside the SWAT team EXCEPT……they NEVER have to dress up like the SWAT team? No helmets, goggles, flame-proof shirts and pants, knee pads, combat boots; nope, none of it. Sure, SOMETIMES, they put on a fake vest so thin that if wouldn’t stop a doughnut being hurled at them. I’m quite sure that the female role wouldn’t look great, or help out the ratings if she’s dressed up like an industrial Pillsbury Dough Girl. That greasy helmet would only get in the way of her sexy ponytail. The same goes for the guy. How can he flex his massive biceps if they’re covered in wool?

3. TIME TRAVEL/Science Fiction. A concept very near and dear to my heart……..and let’s face it; it’s all over TV right now, and with some serious problems; “Oh really Zulu……other than Time Travel isn’t possible to begin with?” HEY, HEY, HEY…………Watch your mouth!!! For now, let’s stick with the TV show “Frequency.” I didn’t see the movie, but the one season show I binged-watched wasn’t bad. The particular problem I have with the influx of Time Travel / Science fiction shows is the dumbing down of any of the actual science; even theoretical / make belief science (sorry Einstein). The premise; a father and daughter who happen to be New York City Detectives gang up to solve the problem of a serial killer running wild. The only problem is; they’re 20 years apart and are only able to communicate through time itself (no actual travel) using an old ham radio set. In the course of a whole season of episodes in the pursuit of the killer, they turn over every rock, chase EVERY lead, and ask EVERY, EVERY question EXCEPT……….”how is it possible they can communicate though time from an old radio set?”

Science is Dead.

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