Wisked Away….






This is one of a Ka-trillion things in the back of my mind. I “almost never……never” watch broadcast TV, so I had no idea as to the real status of this.

What ever happened to Wisk?”

I think of this sometimes when I’m buying laundry detergent, or checking my dress shirt collars. Wisk was the liquid detergent whose ads were famous for getting rid of “Ring Around The collar.”

I did some checking and found out a few things. Wisk has an illustrious past.

  1. Wisk is no longer around.
  2. In 1956, a company named Unilever produced the first liquid laundry detergent in the United States; it was called Wisk. “Fascinating!”
  3. In 2008, Sun Products bought Wisk, and later a company named Henkel bought Sun Products, and then discontinued Wisk, replacing it with Persil Pro Clean.

Looking at posts online, there are many long and loyal customers who are upset about the changes.

Maybe I’ll start a “Consumer Hall of Fame Museum. I could include Wisk, Pop Rocks, Fluff, Tang, and some of the other TV ad “Giants” from my moronic TV watching days.

Side note; Tang being the fruit flavored powdered drink developed by General Mills in 1957 by William A. Mitchell, who would go on further to invent two culinary staples; Pop Rocks, and Cool Whip. As it turns out, Tang wasn’t developed for the space program, it only became popular when it was used by the space program in food testing years later.

Or……… I could do my best to sort out the rest of the “Ka-trillion minus One” things in the back of my mind……….”






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