Observations Hanging Around………







So, I wanted to leave a few short observations that I’ve had hanging around………..

  1. Neil Young Song; “Long May You Run.” Beautiful and sweet song about a long-lost love for a woman he knew many years back, especially when he sings “maybe the Beach Boys have got you now.” Always a soft spot in my heart for this song. Only one problem. I recently found out this song is not about a woman, but about a truck Neil used to own as a young man living in Canada! Whoops.    

We’ve been through Some things together
With trunks of memories
Still to come
We found things to do
In stormy weather
Long may you run

Long may you run
Long may you run
Although these changes
Have come
With your chrome heart shining
In the sun
Long may you run

[Verse 2]
Well, it was
Back in Blind River in 1962
When I last saw you alive
But we missed that shift
On the long decline
Long may you run


[Verse 3]
Maybe The Beach Boys
Have got you now
With those waves
Singing “Caroline No”
Rolling down
That empty ocean road
Getting to the surf on time


2. Panama Papers………a quick overview from Wikipedia;

The Panama Papers are 11.5 million leaked documents that detail financial and attorney–client information for more than 214,488 offshore entities.The documents, which belonged to the Panamanian law firm and corporate service provider Mossack Fonseca, were leaked in 2015 by an anonymous source, some dating back to the 1970s. 

Basically the names of people and corporations hiding money; tax free……..same old, same old.

For the record, I was disappointed to find out my name was not on the list. If it was, that may have meant that I had so much money, that I had to hide it somewhere……….ah, yea……not happening!

3. The Check At The Restaurant..

I have seen this at plenty of restaurants…….more so at the fancier ones. When the waiter/waitress presents the check in the leather binder, they reach around and pull it out of the back of their pants……….let’s be honest; potty humor aside……..how sanitary is this. Really?


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