Letter F- Fast Bikes Go Faster……..Sometimes.






I’ve talked to a few guys here and there who work in the bike shop. Working with the public is always a challenge, but there is one subject that makes their heads explode; speed. I get it, but so many out there don’t. It’s funny because I don’t have to deal with it, but I do sympathize. Here is how the conversation will go.

A customer walks into the bike shop, and up to the Shop Technician.

Customer; “Hey, what’s the fastest bike you have in here?”

Tech; looks at the sky and says to themselves; “Oh Dear God in Heaven, and to all wheels that are round, please let me get through this! “Hello, welcome to the Bike Shop!”

Customer; “Yea, which bike is faster than all the others?

Tech; “Well Sir, it’s not exactly about which bike is fastest. It’s about the person riding the bike.”

Customer; “Are you telling me you don’t sell fast bikes at this store?”

Tech Thinking; Must UPDATE Resume. “Sir; think of it like a car. A Ferrari is faster than a Saturn. An Indy 500 track is faster than a climb up Mt Washington. A NASCAR Driver is more experienced than a newly licensed driver. What I’m saying is that every situation is different. It’s the cyclist that makes the bike go the fastest. They are the engine, and if the engine is in shape, and on the right course, and has a bike made for that course as a road bike is different from a mountain bike, then the bike goes faster. It doesn’t just go faster because it was bought faster. Now, do you understand what I’m saying?

Customer; “Yea, yea, yea, I got all that, but if I pay you more, can I get a bike that will go faster than the bike my friend just bought at the shop down the street?

Tech Thinking; OH LORD! Please let me get that job flipping burgers at McDonald’s!

Tech; “Sir, maybe you should go to your friend’s store to buy something?”

Customer; “Nah, they told me not to come in the store again.” I asked them too many questions they  weren’t smart enough to answer………besides, my friend bought the last fast bike they had, and now they only sell slow bikes there.”



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