Letter F- Flights Of Fancy; Flights of Ferries

Pictures of the Block Island Ferry and the Martha Vinyard Menemsha Ferry. Riding with John M, Mike P, and Matthew.


This year, I will be doing “something new.” I have chosen a “theme.” I will be blogging about biking adventures. This will include riding tales, travel, stories, absurdity, insanity, adventure, and hopefully a little humor and nonsense mixed in; my favorite topics.

By Zulu Delta

I first noticed it in Washington State. I was out exploring with my cousins Michael and Wina. Wina, by the way, happens to be an avid, long-time reader and comment contributor to this blog; thanks Wina! 

We had just boarded one of the Washington State Ferries to take a sail over to the San Juan Islands; nestled snugly inside of the spectacularly beautiful Puget Sound. I was so excited to be traveling with my kind, funny and generous “West Coast Cousins.” We were outside on a beautiful summer day, we were on the water, and I was off on another adventure to see somewhere new. Everything was perfect and would remain that way for the entire day. 

Standing overlooking the pier, and the ongoing boarding operations, I suddenly got a pang of sadness. “What the hell is that all about.” I thought to myself. I did some quick soul-searching and came up with the answer. I was staring at Men, women, and children who were getting on the ferry with their bikes; and I was not one of them. I don’t mean I am not a man, woman, or child; I mean I wasn’t someone who was taking this magical trip with their bike. 

I just love traveling by ships; U.S Navy Ships, transportation ferries, The Queen Mary 2 Ocean Liner, bike ferries, sailing ships, motorboats; and the list goes on. Traveling by ship seems so exotic, such a sense of excitement and adventure lurking over the next horizon. I think train travel can be the same. Airplanes? Not so much. As my brother recently summed about airline travel; “they have made it so miserable, it’s basically; sit down and shut up…..and like it!”

If I can take a bike on the ferry, or the ship, it only adds to the mystique and excitement of exploration. The ship or ferry will take me to a magical land that I don’t normally travel, but if I take a bike, I can bask in the special additional joy that a bike can take me further to a place a car cannot go; the dirt road, the bike path, the wooden area, the beach shoreline, and the mountain trail. Sure, anyone could get to those places walking, but who wants to read a blog like that, other than my sister Maura of course. Hahahahahaha!

The Menemsha Bike Ferry on Martha’s Vineyard and the Lake Champlain Bike Ferry in Vermont only takes 5 minutes to make their passage, but they are as wonderful as any other ferry ride I have ever taken.

So yeah, the idea about getting on a ferry without my bike makes me sad, but the daydreams of getting on a ferry with a bike make me so happy!

I’m still looking for a print of a mural I saw at the San Juan Ferry Port; it was a Washington State Ferry docked in the shadows of snow-covered trees. So beautiful! Until I do, I just rely on my imagination.



4 thoughts on “Letter F- Flights Of Fancy; Flights of Ferries

  1. Next time, haul your bike to Friday Harbor and ride over to Roche Harbor. The Duke used to moor his yacht there in the summer! Great restaurant and inn over there too!

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