Letter U- Up On The Roof

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Zulu Delta riding high above the sidewalk in Downtown Los Angeles

Let’s get right to it.

If there is a great place to sit and view the world, there’s a good chance, that place is also good for a bike ride, and so it was!

We were staying in Downtown Los Angeles, at the Hilton Checkers Hotel. To Us, the hotel has a great location, clean rooms, and an AMAZING rooftop. Almost every night we went up to the roof. For “city lovers” the view was so beautiful.

Next to the Los Angeles Public Library, and in the shadows of a few large buildings, we enjoy it so much we even had mediocre food delivered a few nights just so we could hang out on the roof.

By now, it should not be shocking to anyone who has been reading this month, to realize that from the moment I saw the roof terrace that I wanted to ride my bike up there, and as you can see from my picture, I did!

This particular blog doesn’t need any more than it already has, so keep your eye out for a rooftop!

The view from aross the rooftop of our hotel in Downtown, Los Angeles

Los Angeles

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