Letter Z- Zinn, Zats and Zulu- Not To Be Confused With- This , That, and The Other Thing


This year, I will be doing “something new.” I have chosen a “theme.” I will be blogging about biking adventures. This will include riding tales, travel, stories, absurdity, insanity, adventure, and hopefully a little humor and nonsense mixed in; my favorite topics.

By Zulu Delta

Well, today is the last day in the “Blogging from A-Z Challenge.”  I hope you have enjoyed it, and I welcome any comments or questions you may have. So…….let’s get busy!

Today, I will have 3 subjects…….not to be confused with my Letter V post- Various.

ZINN. Lennard Zinn has released the 5th edition of what is called The World’s Best Selling Bicycle Repair and Maintenance Guide. I have one. I don’t look at it as much as I should, but it’s comforting to know I have a great reference around. I was thinking about this book. For many years, this was the standard for bike repair and maintenance. Like many “how-to books,” I started wondering if the gold shine of this book has dulled a little because of YouTube. There are thousands of videos about anything you want to know about bikes. YouTube may have made many books obsolete. I love YouTube, and I love books; will they continue to coexist in the future? I was also wondering about the ability to do more of “your” own maintenance, as bikes become more sophisticated. I recall being in the bike shop one day buying some repair parts and overhearing one of the technicians in the background “haggling” with an insurance company representative over the decision to repair or replace a high-end carbon fiber road bicycle. I don’t have that problem….yet…..but?????

ZATS.  Let’s pretend for a moment. In the Science Fiction TV show Stargate, there is a weapon called a Zat. (Yes, I’ve been binge-watching). It shoots an electric/electronic charge. It can immobilize enemy combatants and hostile creatures without killing them; just stunning them or rendering them unconscious for a little while. Why does a cyclist need such a device; dogs. Make that, vicious dogs. Many cyclists love dogs, have dogs, and want dogs, but they can be every bit (not every bite) as dangerous as bad automobile drivers. Recently, some of my cycling friends have been attacked and seriously hurt by dog bites. The worst is the neighborhood dog that seems to be attacking everyone. The owners can’t control it, wrangle it, or keep it from attacking what seems like everyone. It’s been ill-raised and ill-trained. Some will say this is not the dog’s fault, and they may be correct. Regardless, short of possessing a Zat Gun, cyclists should think about what to do in a dog attack. Trying to outrun a dog is not always the best option. If need be, dismount the bike and use the bike to keep it between you and the dog. Make the bike bigger, yell loudly, or for help. Consider carrying mace. Report dogs that continually attack people. Most people never want to bring harm to animals, but a cyclist like anyone else needs to learn to defend themselves in the animal kingdom…..until Zat’s become available for purchase at Amazon.

Zulu Delta. And now, some big news. I will continue to keep my Zulu Delta 45- Observations Of An Un-Observing World website……however, I will be publishing with a new website as well; Cold Bike Fusion. (coldbikefusion.net). It is not up and running yet, as I have been busy trying to finish this year’s A-Z Challenge (speaking of a dog that just will not let go!!!). I hope it will resemble a lot of what I have been writing about this month, along with more bike pictures and videos, and hopefully less spelling mistakes and with new editing software. I hope you will support my new site as much as you have supported my ZD-45. You don’t have to choose between one or the other! If there is something you wish to see covered or discussed, please let me know. The email for the new site will be coldbikefusion@gmail.com.

I will drop a quick blog with an A-Z wrap up soon, but for now, thank you so much for reading, commenting, and following along. It has been a challenge, but I’m glad I did it and finished. 


Zulu Delta



12 thoughts on “Letter Z- Zinn, Zats and Zulu- Not To Be Confused With- This , That, and The Other Thing

  1. Congrats on getting to z! Stargate is awesome. I like the Stargate Atlantis, personally.

    I hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy during this difficult time.

    J Lenni Dorner~ Co-host of the #AtoZchallenge, Debut Author Interviewer, Reference& Speculative Fiction Author

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  2. Hey ZD, it’s been fun! Knowing you as a cycling buddy, I’m convinced that you’ve only scratched the surface regarding possible topics, variants, and assorted rabbit holes surrounding two-wheeled travel and exploration. Why, you haven’t even mentioned bike conspiracies yet! Onward!

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