3 Quick Observations For Fun, Safety, and Public Awarness


  1. I have been thinking about this place for a while. There is a little corner store near my house. It was in on the “first wave” of “neighborhood conveince stores.” Yes, the old gas stations that were converted to “milk stores.” Yes, again, the very same similar plaIces that local New England milk business Cumberland Farms made so much money selling milk and bread, they wound up buying the Northeast Assets of Gulf Oil, and then only got bigger. This particular store had long abandoned the gas pumps in the 70’s, but the owner claims he is one of the largest milk sellers in the area. It’s possible; if for no other reason than I buy my chocolate milk there before or after my bike rides. Anyway……the parking lot could probably accommodate 8 cars max and one of them is always the shopkeeper’s car. A few years ago, there had been a site improvement. The owner had parking space lines painted on the tar pavement. It seems excessive because usually there are no more than 2 customer cars there at once. I have no idea why this work was done. I see other stores in the area and they don’t have them (grandfather clause??), but I do find it odd that a special handicap spot was painted in along with the handicap plaque. Why is this “odd?” It’s because although there is now a designated handicap spot, there is no room or accommodation for a handicap ramp up and over the curb or into the store. The owner was either “forced” to complete the painting or wanted to look like a new store in the neighborhood. Either way, it’s wrong and only drawing bad attention to himself.  


2. The oldest active Commissioned ship in the United States Navy is the U.S.S Constitution; “Old Ironsides.” Many of you know this. It is a wooden sailing schooner launched in 1797. She is manned by Navy Sailors and stationed in Boston, Massachusetts. The second oldest active commissioned ship listed in the U.S. Navy is the US.S. Pueblo. The Pueblo (AGER-2) is a Banner class environmental research ship attached to Navy intelligence as a spy ship. It was attacked and captured by Korean forces on January 23, 1968, in what was later known as the “Pueblo Incident.”  Thanks Wiki! The ship is on “display” in North Korea and She will forever stay commissioned until she is returned to the United States.














3. As Electricians, we are constantly checking the National Electric Code to ensure that electric installations are installed not only by Code, but in a “neat and workman-like manor;” which is in the NEC as the code itself. Multiple sections cover the protection of equipment and the safety of people, so it always cracks me up; (read-annoy) when I come across the work of plumbers and pipe-fitters, especially under the guidance and protection of the public utility who seem to be able, willing, and allowed to install gas equipment in any manor, or place they want; regardless of whether smashing into it would cause a big mushroom cloud! Yes, I also took this picture. I like to observe “things.” I see these installations all the time and don’t always take a pictures for my conspiracy wall…..er,…..ah, my public safety seminars.

6 thoughts on “3 Quick Observations For Fun, Safety, and Public Awarness

  1. Need more of those yellow poles around those meters. They installed one at my residential home, which looks hideous, but for some reason, commercial properties are immune to that rule.

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