2023 Blogging From A-Z Theme Reveal!

Hello My Friends!

Once again, I will be participating in the A-Z Blog Challenge. I will be writing a new blog entry; one blog for each day in April except for Sundays.

The first blog will start with the letter A, and continue through the alphabet until the letter Z.

I will be choosing a “theme” this year.

My theme will be………..“Musical Nonsense!”

I’m going to begin by listing a song or musical subject, and then see how fast and how far I can completely blow up my own “stream of consciousness,”and head “off the reservation,” by linking every real, and “Zulu Delta- imagined” fact, piece of music trivia, or not so apparent connection to what is racing around my head to that song in an “unstructured, graffiti-like” format. Complete and utter nonsense! Turn it up and turn it on, but as Van “The Man” Morrison said…….”It’s already turned on!”

For those of you who have followed my blog, you know I am constantly trying to “stay on track” and stick to the blog at hand. This year, I promise no literary self-restraint; it will be chaotic! I would recommend that those of you who are not awake early in the morning, or need a few cups of coffee to start thinking clearly, to wait a few hours before attempting to read!

So much fun!!!

Zulu Delta

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