Letter Z – Zulu’s Specials/William Shatner/ Pulp

This year for the 2023 A-Z Blog Challenge, I’m going to begin by listing a song or musical subject, and then see how fast and how far I can completely blow up my own “stream of consciousness,” and head “off the reservation,” by linking every real, and “Zulu Delta-imagined” fact, piece of music trivia, or not so apparent connection to what is racing around my head to that song in an “unstructured, graffiti-like” format. Complete and utter nonsense! Turn it up and turn it on, but as Van “The Man” Morrison said…….”It’s already turned on!”

So, here we are……..finally……….on the Letter Z! I came across a William Shatner video when doing some research for this blog series. 

To me, it was the perfect ending to everything I wanted to accomplish with this year’s “A-Z.”
It was hip, obscure, full of information, a song I loved, and most importantly; ridiculous! 
I had planned to include the song Common People anyway, and when I went to find the “album video.” I came across this Star Trek parody. 

In 1995, British Band Pulp released their song “Common People.” As evidence of how huge this song was for them……..I had never heard of it before.

“Britpop” was a mid-1990s British-based music culture movement that emphasized Britishness. It produced brighter, catchier alternative rock, partly in reaction to the popularity of the darker lyrical themes of the US-led grunge music and to the UK’s own shoegaze music scene. In a 2015 Rolling Stone readers’ poll it was voted the greatest Britpop song. Thanks Wiki!

In 2004, Ben Folds produced a cover version of “Common People” for the William Shatner album “Has Been.”

The song and album, surprisingly, got great reviews. It was far from the mockery mentioned earlier in this series by Shatner doing “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.” It has some really clever work on it. For the song Common People, Ben Folds mixes in the voice of Joe Jackson and the song “rips along.”

I often mention to “anyone” pretending to listen to me, that writing an online blog is only half the time and effort put into a series like mine. Editing and the digital “space management” can be just as time consuming. I can only imagine how long and how much effort it took to sift through all the Star Trek clips and match them up with their musical counterparts. That persons who made this is probably some “unmotivated, un-inspired, retired slacker.” You know the type (he, he).

Or not……………..

So as not to take away from this video’s artistic genius (only something a Star Trek Fan would say), let’s leave “Letter Z” here. As I like to write sometimes, let’s allow another Pulp song to “waltz” us out…….in a “rocking style!”

If you’re still here, thanks for reading along,

Zulu Delta.

4 thoughts on “Letter Z – Zulu’s Specials/William Shatner/ Pulp

  1. Congratulations, D! You did it! I really enjoyed this series – the videos, music, your wild stream of consciousness – all of it. Well done. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


  2. Nice to see you’ve never lost your voice and enjoy stopping by to hear your opinions and see what you’re up too.

    Karen G.


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